How to Give

The gift of educationstudents

When you give a gift to Sacramento State, you give the gift of education. Contributions from you and donors like you allow us to provide a level of excellence that is not possible through state funding alone, offering life-changing opportunities to our students.

Making a donation to the University is easy and personalized. You choose where you want your gift to go and how you want to give it. 

You can elect to make an unrestricted donation, which enables the University to respond where the need is greatest, or designate your donation to a particular College, program or purpose.

  • Give where it’s needed most. Unrestricted annual giving programs include the Sac State Fund and Dean's Leadership Circle both of which conduct yearly phone-a-thon  and direct mail campaigns, raising funds to address campus and college priorities. This enables the University or the College to respond where the need is greatest. The President’s Circle also allows donors to help the president respond to emerging issues on campus.
  • Target your gift. If you prefer to direct your gift to a specific area, the options are plentiful. You can establish a scholarship or contribute to one of dozens of existing ones benefitting a wide range of students. You can also support specific academic and athletic efforts such as the strengthening the Honors Program, funding a performing arts group, equipping a laboratory or the refurbishing a sports facility. 

The Office of University Development can help you identify the areas where your donation can make the most impact.

Giving options

Gifts to the University can be in various forms: cash, securities, real estate, wills and trusts or gifts-in-kind. Because each type of payment carries its own tax benefits and/or consequences, you should consult with your financial advisor to discuss your individual situation as part of the gift-giving process.

The most useful gifts to the University are gifts of cash (either through a cash payment, check or credit card) and securities. These can be provided as an outright gift, as a pledge or as a testamentary commitment such as naming the University as a beneficiary in your will or trust.

Cash: Gifts to Sacramento State can be made in cash, by credit card, or in the form of a personal or cashier's check made out to The University Foundation at Sacramento State. To make a cash donation, contact the Development Office at (916) 278-6989 or by e-mail. You may also give online using our secured website.

Securities: Giving stocks, mutual funds or bonds to Sacramento State enables many people to give a larger gift than they may have thought possible. You typically receive a deduction for the value of your stock and you avoid the capital-gains taxes that would have been due had you sold it.

Real Estate: You can make a substantial gift to Sacramento State through a transfer of residential, commercial or undeveloped real estate. Gifts of real estate secure a charitable income tax deduction for you based on the fair market value of the property with no capital gains liability for the transfer of property.

Gifts-in-Kind: Gifts-in-kind may include supplies, equipment or materials used by students, faculty, staff and programs at Sacramento State. Many times, the gift offsets the need to purchase these items. 

Wills and Trusts: A bequest is a gift that comes to the University after your lifetime. With a bequest, you have the flexibility to plan a future gift to Sacramento State by stipulating a specific dollar amount, a specific percentage of your estate or the remainder thereof, be used for either general or specific purposes, while retaining control of the property or assets during your lifetime.  

Protecting your investment
The majority of the gifts given to Sacramento State are managed by The University Foundation at Sacramento State, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and auxiliary of the University. All funds managed by the University Foundation at Sacramento State are used for the benefit of the University, honoring any restrictions placed on them by the donor. Gift funds are held in non-state accounts, audited annually and invested prudently.