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Fall 2014

Class Syllabus

Homework Set 1

Homework Set 1: short answer solutions

Homework Set 1: long answer solutions

Exam 1 Solutions

Homework Set 2

Homework Set 2: short answer solutions

Homework Set 2: long answer solutions

Exam 2 Solutions

Homework Set 3 (note: corrected 10/20 to have correct due date)

Homework Set 3: short answer solutions

Homework Set 3: long answer solutions

Exam 3 Solutions

Homework Set 4

Student Presentation Table (includes presentation schedule, reading material links, links to presentations, and links to homework)

Link to Fall 2012 Class (includes quizz solutions from that year)

Student Presentation Handout

Application Paper Handout

Sept. 2 Lecture Notes

Sept. 9 Lecture Notes

Sept. 16 Guest Lecture and Sept. 16 Lecture Notes

Sept. 23 Lecture Notes

Sept. 30 Lecture Notes

Oct. 7 Lecture Notes

Oct. 14 Lecture Notes

GCXGC references: 1. Crimi and Snow, 2008 and Adahchour et al, 2008

Oct. 21 Lecture Notes

Oct. 28 Lecture Notes

Nov. 4 Lecture Notes

Nov. 18 Lecture Notes

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