Class Syllabus (updated 1/29)

Homework Set 1 (this includes the data set needed for processing)

Homework Set 1 Solutions

Homework Set 2 (this includes the link to the Excel example)

Homework Set 3

1/28 discussion notes

2/4 discussion notes

2/11 discussion notes

2/18 discussion notes

2/25 discussion notes

3/4 discussion notes

3/11 discussion notes

3/18 discussion notes

3/18 discussion notes

4/8 discussion notes

Agilent 1100 HPLC Instructions

Buck GC Instructions

Set 1 GC Instructions

Set 1 HPLC Instructions (note: the equation given for calculation of a 95% uncertainty in a linear least squares derived unknown concentration was incorrect in the version of this handout passed out. The correct uncertainty should be +tSx not +tSx/n^0.5 (where Sx = the standard deviation in x). This is now corrected - see top of p. 5.

Set 2 SPME/GC Instructions

Set 2 SPE/HPLC Instructions

Set 3 Derivatization Lab Instructions

List of Available Intruments

An Example Quiz (Spring 2007) and Solutions

An Example Final Exam and key

Quiz solutions

S2013 Final Exam Key

Link to Report Writing Guidelines

List of Books and Journals of Use to Class

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