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Don't get trapped by the labyrinth of adminstrative rules and regulations that exists in this large organization we call CSUS.  Be sure that you understand the important rules and regulations that pertain to you as a student.  In particular, pay careful attention to your enrollment status in your courses.  Make sure that your understanding of what courses you are enrolled in is the same as CASPER's.  Also, if you wish to change your enrollment status during the semester by  adding or dropping a course, you must follow University policy.  Select the Add/Drop Policy link above to access that policy.

In addition, be sure that you're following the correct pathway to your degree, in particular, that you are selecting the appropriate courses in your major program.  The Department has a program of mandatory student advising.  Access the Advising Policy link above for the policy statement.  Also consult the advising information for the Economics Department found by accessing the Advising Information link above.