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Elaine O'Brien

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Art 1C :: Modern & Contemporary Art – Rococo to the Present

Art 1C, Fall 2014
TuTh 6-7:15 PM
Mariposa Hall 1000

Professor: Elaine O'Brien, Ph.D.
Office: Kadema 190
Hours: TuTh 3-4 and W 6-7 pm (and by appt.)

Sample Comparison Paper: Note that this comparison paper is comparing an online art history source, SmartHistory, with the textbook and not a peer-reviewed article like you are doing.

Course Description:

This course provides an introduction to the history of art and architecture from the late 18th century to the global art of the 21st century. We begin with the Rococo, a style which marks the dissolution of the age of absolute monarchy and the beginning of the Enlightenment: “the age of reason” and secular humanism.  Revolution, the Napoleonic era, modernization, market imperialism, Neo-Classicism, Romanticism, and the rise of the avant-garde in Paris with Realism and Impressionism are studied as are the new 19th century art media of photography and film. Symbolism, Fauvism, Cubism, De Stijl, the Bauhaus, all the movements and many of the canonical artworks of the 20th Century through Pop and Minimal art of the 1960s are introduced.  Postmodern art, conceptualism, performance, Neo-Expressionism, video and new media from the 1970s to the 1990s, mark the dramatic cultural turn that continues to characterize art today. The course concludes in the 21st century with global contemporary art. 

Note: This course includes content you might find disturbing. Do not take this course if you are upset by art that challenges norms, including religious and sexual norms.

Note: This course satisfies General Education requirements for AREA C: The Arts and Humanities. It is recommended for freshman or sophomore years. There are no prerequisites, but it is recommended that ART 1A and/or 1B be taken before 1C.

Catalog Description: A 3-unit lecture-based survey of the history of world art from the late 18th century to the present: from the European Rococo, Enlightenment, age of science and revolution, through Neo-Classicism, Romanticism and the rise of the international avant-garde, Realism, Impressionism, Symbolism, photography, and film. In the 20th century, Fauvism, Cubism, the Bauhaus, Expressionism, Pop, Minimal art, Postmodernism, conceptualism, performance, video and new media are considered from global perspectives and artistic production of the 21st century.  Part of the art history foundation sequence.







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