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Dr. Kevan Shafizadeh, P.E., PTP, PTOE
Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Kevan Shafizadeh

Contact Information
  Name:   Kevan Shafizadeh, Ph.D., P.E., PTP, PTOE
  Direct Phone:   (916) 278-5348
  Office Phone:   (916) 278-6852
  Office Fax:   (916) 278-5949
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  Office Location:   2014C Riverside Hall
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  College of Engineering and Computer Science
  California State University, Sacramento
  6000 J Street, Mail Stop 6023
  Sacramento, CA 95819-6023





  • Professor, Transportation Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, California State University, Sacramento, 2004 - present:
    • Full Professor (with tenure), 2014 – present.
    • Associate Professor (with tenure), 2009 – 2014.
    • Assistant Professor, 2004 – 2009.
  • Post-Doctoral Research Engineer and Instructor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis, 2002 – 2004.
  • Doctoral Research Engineer and Lecturer, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Washington, 1998 – 2002.


  • Independent Transportation/Traffic Engineering Consultant and Subject Matter Expert, 2003 – present.



Courses Taught

Research Interests

  • Applied quantitative or statistical analysis of transportation engineering issues related to planning, opereations, or design, including (but not limited to):
    • Travel Behavior and Travel Demand
    • Traffic Management, Safety, and Facility Operations
    • Non-Motorized and Sustainable Transportation
    • Road Quality/Driver Perception Issues
    Also see:

    Graduate Group in Transportation

Selected Publications and Technical Reports

A Comparative Analysis of Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Around University Campuses.

California Smart Growth Trip Generation Rates Study.

    Schneider, R.J., K. Shafizadeh, and S. Handy (2015). “Method to Adjust Institute of Transportation Engineers Vehicle Trip-generation Estimates in Smart-growth Areas,” Journal of Transport and Land Use, 8(1), May.

    Schneider, R.J., S. Handy, and K. Shafizadeh (2014). "Trip Generation for Smart Growth Projects," ACCESS Magazine, Fall 2014, Issue 45.

Fitch, J., K. Shafizadeh, W. Zhao*, and W. Crowl (2011). “Rational Models for Setting All-Red Clearance Intervals,” ITE Journal, Institute of Transportation Engineers, February.

Fugitt, B.* and K. Shafizadeh (2010). “Measuring Land Use Diversity and Correlating Its Relationship with VMT,” Paper#10-4039, Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Proceedings, Washington, D.C., January.

Horton, J.* and K. Shafizadeh (2009). “Identifying Sites with Targeted Crash Types for Engineering Investigations in California,” Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Western District 6 Annual Meeting Proceedings, Denver, CO, July.

Anderson, J.*, L. Shelton*, and K. Shafizadeh (2008). North Natomas Transportation Management Survey Report, prepared for the North Natomas Transportation Management Association (NNTMA), December.

Shafizadeh, K., K. Fox*, and J. Pedri (2008). Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Transportation Plan Evaluation, prepared for the City of Lincoln, January.

Choo, S., K. Shafizadeh, and D. Niemeier (2007). “The Development of a Prescreening Model to Identify Failed and Gross Polluting Vehicles,” Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 12(3), pp. 208 – 218.

Shafizadeh, K., D. Niemeier, P. Mokhtarian, and I. Salomon (2007). “A Monte Carlo Simulation Model Incorporating Telecommuter, Employer, and Public Sector Perspectives,” ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 13(1), pp. 12 – 25.

Shafizadeh, K. and F. Mannering (2006). “Statistical Modeling of User Perceptions of Infrastructure Condition: Application to the Case of Highway Roughness,” Journal of Transportation Engineering 132(2), pp. 133 - 140.

Shafizadeh, K. and D. Niemeier (2004). “Analysis of Gross Polluter Cutpoints Based on In-Use Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Test Data in California,” Urban Transport X: Urban Transport and the Environment in the 21st Century, [Ed: C.A. Brebbia], WIT Press, Ashurst, United Kingdom, pp 761 - 771.

Shafizadeh, K. and F. Mannering (2003). “Public Acceptability of Pavement Roughness on Urban Highways: An Empirical Analysis,” Transportation Research Record 1860, pp. 187 - 193.

Shafizadeh, K. and Niemeier, D. (1997). “Bicycle Journey-To-Work: Travel Behavior and Spatial Attributes,” Transportation Research Record 1578, pp. 84-90.

          * - Student.


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