The purpose of the homework assignment is to encourage further practice for the topics covered in our book but not covered in class (due to time constraints) and to give you the opportunity to work on more comprehensive exercises than those covered in the book. 

Assignment Submitting Standards:

  1. ASSIGNMENT 1 - Sales and Distrubution

    1. Assignment: ../SAP/Intro_ERP_Using_GBI_Case_Study_SD[Letter]_en_v2.40.pdf

    2. Documentation: A print screen of the document flow. 

    3. Assignment Data: ../SAP/Intro_ERP_Using_GBI_Data_Sheet_SD[Letter]_en_v2.40.pdf

  2. ASSIGNMENT 2 - Materials Managment

    1. Assignment: ../SAP/Intro_ERP_Using_GBI_Case_Study_MM[Letter]_en_v2.40.pdf

    2. Documentation: Print screens to show the  PO number and GL account balances. 

    3. Assignment Data: ../SAP/Intro_ERP_Using_GBI_Data_Sheet_MM[Letter]_en_v2.40.pdf

  3. ASSIGNMENT 3 - Production Planning

    1. Assignment: ../SAP/Intro_ERP_Using_GBI_Case_Study_PP[Letter]_en_v2.40.pdf

    2. Documentation: Print screens to show the Consumption Values, Planned Orders, Review of Costs Assigned to Production Order.

    3. Assignment Data: ../SAP/Intro_ERP_Using_GBI_Data_Sheet_PP_[Letter]_en_v2.40.pdf


    1. Assignment: ../SAP/Intro_ERP_Using_GBI_Case_Study_HCM_I_[Letter]_en_v2.40.pdf

    2. Documentation: Step 10 (proof hiring), step 19 (transfer of employee)


I will provide more information about the ERPsim competition later in the semester.