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Wait Listing

What is a "wait list"?

A “wait list” is a sign-up sheet that professors use for courses that have been filled with the maximum number of students. Students who wish to add a class that already has a full roster may be able to add their names to a wait list. Not all courses have wait lists.

Sacramento State’s wait list system is a queue that is automatically updated overnight by the online registration system. If your son or daughter’s name is first on the wait list, and someone drops the class, he or she will automatically be enrolled in the course. There are exceptions to this rule.

What happens if my student is on a wait list?

Wait lists usually disappear from student screens the Thursday before classes begin. At this point in the registration process, wait lists no longer automatically enroll students, but are managed manually by the professor of each course.

If your son or daughter is on a wait list, advise him or her to attend the first class and speak with the professor. Encourage the student to be persistent, patient and willing to consider multiple course options during the wait list and course-adding process. 

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