Student Parents

Student Parents

Many Sacramento State students are also hard-working parents balancing college, work, and family responsibilities.

At the Parents & Families Program, student parents can come together to exchange tips, experiences, and create a community of parents on campus.

If you are interested in reaching out to other student parents or volunteering for the Parents & Families Program, or sharing your experience, please email Director Haley Myers at , for more information. 

At Sac State, you have each other. These resources also exist:

  • The Women's Resource Center  - supports the Sac State community by bringing awareness and understanding of the contributions, opportunities, and barriers facing women in our society in the past and present
  • Mother's Room in the University Union  - a private space where lactating mothers are welcome to pump or nurse.
  • Student-Parents Community Group  - provides a space to help student-parents support one another in meeting the unique challenges of being both a student and a parent.
  • ASI Children's Center  - on campus child care programming that works to support Sac State students with Children
  • Pregnant and Parenting Student Rights  - are the rights that protect expecting students and students with children from discrimination or misconduct at Sacramento State.