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Behind the Scenes - ABA After Dark

Not many of us that work a typical eight to five schedule think much about our colleagues who don’t. We are like ships that pass in the night, so to speak.

But nearly 15 million Americans work a permanent night shift or regularly rotate in and out of night shifts. And more than a few ABA staff professionals are here after the sun goes down and sometimes when the sun comes up again in the morning.

As a residential campus, with plenty of night classes, events and activities, Sac State is just getting its second wind after dark. Even when the lights go out, ABA’s shift professionals more.

Mike Lee

Message from the Vice President

Planning for the future of Sacramento State is at the heart of many campus activities this fall. Update of the Master Plan, which began last year, is in full swing, with a focus on gathering feedback from the University’s constituents.

The plan, which is renewed every ten years, will guide changes to all more.

Awards & Recognition

Sacramento State drew praise in September for the quick action of its Public Safety staff in responding to a critical emergency on campus.

On September 8, 2013, 47-year-old Anibal Rubina, who was participating in a soccer game on Sac State's Intramural Fields, collapsed more.

ABA News

Vice President/CFO Mike Lee helped welcome Sac State’s African American students to the campus at the Black Alumni Chapter (BAC) Student Welcome event on Monday, September 16, in the University Union, along more


Web Browsers

Tech Tips - Web Browsers

We use web browsers every day - to access the internet, research information, check movie times, etc - but have we thought about why we use one particular browser over another? Do we simply use the one that came pre-installed?

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari are the four most commonly used web browsers, but they share an interesting history, and more


Staff Spotlight

In each issue, the FOCUS Newsletter spotlights a professional member of ABA's staff. The Spotlight is a way to share with others information about what ABA staff professionals do and how they can help.

Since 2012, we have explored ideas around "redefinition," asking how staff professionals believe they can more.


ABA Green News

Smart Grid Sac StateIn late October, the implementation of the SMART Grid energy information software was completed, which will generate reports on each building's energy use.

This final step in the project capped off the two-year long effort, which involved a seven-step process. Read more.

Happiness Project

Book Review - The Happiness Project

The Book Review is a new feature segment of the ABA FOCUS Newsletter.

This is an opportunity for ABA staff professionals to share their thoughts on books they have read with themes that apply to the goals of ABA and/or the University.

It is a way for others to learn about ideas and connect with reading materials that may be of interest to them. Read more.

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