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VOL.3 | ISSUE 2 | SPRING 2010


Linda Reposa

Linda Reposa

How often have you said “Wow, I know you, I’m so glad to finally meet you!” when meeting a campus colleague in person? Many of us work together for years without ever meeting face-to-face. We hope to help close that gap through the ABA Staff Spotlight. In each newsletter, we will introduce a division staff member and tell you where they work and what they do.

What is your name, position and department or unit? Lynda Reposa, Student Financial Functional Team Lead, Student Financial Services Center

How long have you been with Sac State? Since November 1979....Read More.


Bob Anchor Veronica Iturriaga Nancy McCarty Stephen Scalley Kirt Stout
Bob Anchor and
Leadership Peer
Veronica Iturriaga
and Valued Staff Award

Nancy McCarty and
Valued Staff Award

Steven Scalley and
Valued Staff Award

Kirt Stout and
Leadership Peer Award

November and December 2009 were marked by celebrations to honor the distinctive contributions of ABA staff, managers and others through ABA's annual Leadership Award program. Ceremonies, held at ABA's November Staff Professional meetings and December's Management Council meeting, covered multiple award categories, Read more. To view those honored, visit the ABA 2010 Recognition Program. For general information about ABA's recognition program, visit the ABA Recognition Page.


Mail Center Team

Mail Center Team: L-R, Steve Bolton, Monica
Patterson,Chris Ponder, Rich Filson,Randy Davis

If you visit Sac State’s Mail Center, you will find a very small staff, but lots of big activity. On our visit today, a long narrow tube has just arrived from Athletics for shipping – javelins on their way to the repair shop. Mail carriers are preparing for their routes. Mail bags are set up for sorting, and a directory of campus employees and their locations sits nearby for quick reference.

The University Mail Center is not your typical corporate mail room. Sacramento State is a community of over 30,000 Read more.


Kevin Brisco

Kevin Brisco, Manager
Custodial Services

As manager of Custodial Services at Sac State for close to five years, Kevin Brisco brings an interesting perspective to leadership. Following his 1996 hire, he rose through the ranks to become “lead custodian” and “supervisor” then “manager.” Prior to that, he worked as a field representative for Coverall Cleaning Concepts, an international janitorial franchise, acting as the liaison between the company owner and customers. Kevin began his journey in this industry by owning/operating a janitorial business. In his view, working in private industry as an employee or a business owner is not so different from working on a campus, because in both worlds, – “You still have to please the customer.” Read more.


VP Stephen Garcia

Vice President Garcia

In the last edition of ABA FOCUS, my message conveyed the importance of teamwork and efficient practices to help us through the lean budget times we are experiencing.  I want to reiterate this message, as we await news from the CSU and California’s Governor about the budget for 2010/11.

Our mission, to educate the youth of California and develop tomorrow’s leaders has never been more important. We need to graduate students who can address difficult issues with innovative ideas and solutions. And, the University community is dependent upon our division to provide many of the support services that sustain the educational Read more.