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Jayme Gutierrez

Jayme Gutierrez
Administrative Support
Assistant I , UTAPS

In this edition of Staff Spotlight, the ABA FOCUS Newsletter features Jayme Gutierrez, Administrative Support Assistant I.

Jayme works in University Parking & Transportation Services, commonly known as UTAPS. The Staff Spotlight will continue to introduce readers to employees across the large and diverse ABA division in every issue.


How long have you been with Sac State? Since January 2005.

Describe your job? My daily duties consist of selling parking permits, answering phones, assisting customers in appealing parking citations and providing directions to events around the campus community.

Who are your primary customers? Mostly students, faculty and staff. We have outside vendors and guests that come to our office as well.

Why would I call you? For parking information, and help regarding citations, appeals and permits.

What do you like best about your job? The students, of course! And the UTAPS team!

What is a favorite work memory? The excitement of moving to our new office in Folsom Hall. Our office is bigger, and many changes have been made to improve our services.

What have you learned while working here? How to provide quality customer service to a diverse community.

What makes Sac State different from other places? Sac State students have incredible school spirit and pride, which makes it a fun place to work.

How do people contact you? Come to the UTAPS Office located in Folsom Hall. Visit our website, or call 278-PARK.