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    In each issue of the FOCUS newsletter, we try to find unique ways to feature fellow ABA staff. In this issue, we reached out to multiple offices to find individuals with unique talents. From photographers to authors, ABA is made up of talented individuals who practice diligence and creativity in their professional and private lives. Speak up! What is your talent?


QUESTION: How did you become interested in writing?

Nate McQueenBetween Lions & Lambs
Talent: Author of "Between Lions & Lambs"

N.T. McQueen, Parking Officer,
University Parking & Transportation Services (UTAPS)

"I've always enjoyed stories, whether they were from books or movies, or simply someone narrating, especially fiction. Throughout college, I read different books and figured it would be worth a shot to attempt some short stories. I had family and friends read them and they loved them so I just kept at it. Then, the question of whether I could write a coherent and interesting novel came up. Turns out I could, for the most part."

"Writing is cathartic, plus it gives me something to do on my breaks."


QUESTION: Why did you become interested in Women's College Basketball?

Christina Day Women's College Basketball

Talent: Assistant Coach of Women's
Community College Basketball in Rocklin

Christina Day, Financial Services Representative, Student Financial Services Center

"I played for Sierra from 2003 to 2005 and became extremely inspired by the program, the coaching staff, and the school itself. They did such a wonderful job of getting me through the community college system and successfully moving me on to the university level."

"Coaching allows me to give back to a program that gave so much to me. I am constantly learning new things and always adjusting certain techniques so that I can give the kids as good as an experience as I had."


QUESTION: When did you discover your love for photography?

Tiffani Clark Sunglasses Photo
Talent: Photographer, Artist

Tiffanni Clark, Administrative Support Assistant II, UTAPS

"I was exposed to photography as a child so it was a natural progression as I got older."

"I have had an affinity for art since I was a child, but realized early on that I couldn't draw, paint, or sculpt. With photography, I could visually steal that which was in front of me instead of attempting to draw it poorly."

QUESTION: When did you become interested in Polynesian Dance?

Bernadette Tano Hui Dancing
Costume Committee Lead for
Polynesian Dance Group

Bernadette Tano, Industrial Hygienist,
Risk Management Services

"My daughter joined this group when she was around 12 years old, and I realized she was turning into a teenager and probably would not want to be around me as much. I made an effort to find a common interest and we became active in the hui (group). It turns out she dances well and I'm one of the few moms who can sew complicated dresses."

"Hard work pays off; I feel tremendous joy watching our hui perform, considering the numerous hours and stress that comes with preparing for a performance."

QUESTION: When did you develop your joy for photography ?

Dennis Frazen
Talent: Photographer, Artist


Dennis Franzen, Electrician, Facilities Services

"I started taking pictures back in high school when my father gave me his old German made 35mm Braun camera. Living in San Diego, my pictures were sunsets, beaches, surfers, and anything landscape."

"With today's technology in camera design and photo manipulation software, photography has become a whole lot simpler. Now anyone in the world can be creative."

Rainy Sunset