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Use Canvas

To continue managing your classes during a campus disruption, Sacramento State recommends that you log into Canvas Web App and publish unpublished classes, whether or not you have used Canvas in the past.

Publishing your courses in Canvas enables built-in communication with students. As part of preparing your courses to continue during a campus disruption, we also recommend that you ask your students to access their Canvas courses and review a short tutorial on how to use Canvas.

When you first log in to Canvas, you will see any classes for which you are the instructor of record in your Dashboard or Course List. All of your students are automatically entered into these classes, but classes must be published to be available to students so you can begin communicating with them.

Publishing your class in Canvas allows you to do things like post files, upload assignments, offer quizzes, and most importantly, communicate with your students during the campus disruption.

If you haven’t used Canvas before and don’t know where to begin, please view the following 5-minute video entitled, “Canvas Quick Start” produced by the Sacramento State Academic Technology Services:

Canvas Quick Start Video

Even if you haven’t used Canvas before, rest assured that the vast majority of your students are most likely familiar with the platform. The number of student users in Canvas is virtually equal to the number of students enrolled, which means that almost all students on campus have at least one other class that leverages Canvas.

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