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Army ROTC Forged Gold Battalion

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Current Hornets

Join our Cadets for training while you are a student, and begin your path to serving as an Officer in the US Army. Get more out of your time as a Sacramento State student, and develop your leadership skills, military knowledge, and lifelong friendships with your peers.


Our faculty member charged with facilitating all enrollment and applications (Recruiting Operations Officer or ROO) is Mr. Jarrett Halverson. Please contact him with any questions or for assistance with applying.

What is ROTC?

Army ROTC is an elective curriculum you take along with your required college classes. It gives you the tools, training and experiences that will help you succeed in any competitive environment. Along with great leadership training, Army ROTC can pay for your college tuition. Because Army ROTC is an elective, you can participate your freshman and sophomore years without any obligation to join the Army. You will have a normal college student experience like everyone else on campus, but when you graduate, you will be commissioned as an Officer in the Army. At that point, you will have a wide range of interest areas you can specialize in called branches.

Some students who are with the program for the whole four years follow the standard curriculum plan, but options exist for completing requirements and contracting along 2- and 3-year timelines as well. These options involve a summer field training known as Basic Camp, which takes place at Fort Knox, Kentucky. You can find a summarized curriculum description here.


A typical Cadet begins with a weekly 1-hour class and is encouraged to participate in our physical training (PT) and our tactical labs. PT is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week from 0630 - 0730. Labs are every Wednesday from 1500-1700 (3 pm to 5 pm). The department provides transportation for off-campus activities.

As Cadets become sure they want to follow the path to lead in the Army as an Officer, they can decide to commit, or contract, which opens them up to more responsibilities but also more opportunities in the program.

Joining ROTC is very different from enlisting. Participation in ROTC does not obligate military service unless a Cadet decides to contract.

USACC Product - Path through ROTC

Scholarship Options

Speak with Mr. Halverson for assistance and advice on any available scholarship options.

ROTC Cadets have various means of financial compensation available.

Army ROTC Scholarship benefits include:

  • Full Tuition & Fees OR $10,000 for Room & Board
  • $1,200 Book Stipend per academic year
  • $420 Stipend per month (10 months / 12 months)

Sac State University Scholarship benefits include:

  • LTC Jeffery L. Tally, USA (Ret.) & Mrs. Janet Tally
    • offers up to $2,500/ spring semester
    • ONLY non-scholarship Army ROTC Cadets
    • November 1st -November 30th (application open)
    • Early December - Committee reviews applications
    • January funds in winner's account
  • LTC Vance Hansen (USMC) Memorial Scholarship
    • offers up to $600/fall semester
    • Veterans, Army ROTC Cadets, and Air Force Cadets
    • December 1st - March 31st (application open)
    • April and May - Committee reviews applications
    • June and July Financial Aid review
    • Mid August - funds in winner's account

National Guard Scholarships
Reserve Component Scholarships

Additionally, the Simultaneous Membership Program allows students to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve and be a member of their college’s ROTC program.

To qualify for SMP, the future Soldier must be a full-time college student in either their sophomore, junior, or senior year; or be in a graduate program. They must be willing to enlist in the Army Reserve while being enrolled in the Army ROTC program at their college of attendance.

Receiving pay and points toward retirement provides a significant benefit for future Soldiers who consider making the Army a career. This program is just one of the many ways the Army can benefit a future Soldier.