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Army ROTC Forged Gold Battalion

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Incoming Hornets

High school seniors, make sure you look into all scholarship options available to Sacramento State Students! Visit the Army ROTC National Scholarship site for a comprehensive listing and information on how to apply! Applications generally run from June 12 through Feb 14.

Participation in Army ROTC as a Freshman

Learn more about the Army and develop your leadership skills in our program!

  • Talk with Mr. Jarrett Halverson, our Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO)
  • Participation in Army ROTC does not commit you to military service until your junior year, but we hope that you decide to stay
  • Learn more about our program from our comprehensive brochure
  • Be sure to check out our Instagram page to see a glimpse inside the experience

Register for Military Science (MILS 15) to begin your journey!

A typical freshman New Cadet begins the four-year program with a weekly 1-hour class and is encouraged to participate in our physical training (PT) and our tactical labs. PT is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week from 0630 - 0730. Labs are every Wednesday from 1500-1700 (3 pm to 5 pm). The department provides transportation for off-campus activities.

More information on the Army ROTC Program

What can you gain from joining the ROTC?

Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your leadership skills while learning about the US Military and the Army. Complete some elective credits while you're at it. Maybe discover an exciting and enriching future career as an Army Officer!

 Follow the steps below to participate in ROTC. None of the enrollment forms will obligate you to anything. 
1. Register for the appropriate MILS course this fall/spring semester
2. Complete enrollment documents A-F and start gathering your essential documents
3. Email documents to with your last name and student ID # in the subject
4. Questions can be directed to our ROO at or (916)278-2395.
A. CC 139-R: Cadet Application | ONLY FILL OUT THE FIRST TWO PAGES!! This is the most comprehensive form and is the one used to put you "in the system" and enroll you. You do not need to sign the loyalty oath unless you are a scholarship winner or will be contracting soon. Provide your birth certificate & social security card for ID Verification.
B. CC 137-R: Authorization for Access to Student Records | You will sign this form to authorize the ROTC Battalion to see your grades.  During the semester we will monitor your academic progress to ensure you are meeting requirements.  Part II of the form should only be signed if you do not want us to release your academic records to your parents. 
C. CC 136-R: Briefing on Government Sponsored Benefits | You will sign this form to acknowledge that you understand your rights if you are injured while participating in ROTC training.
D. DD 2005: Access to Health Care Records | Your signature on this form acknowledges you understand your right to privacy and the Army's need to have access to your medical records. 
E. DA 3425-R: Medical Fitness Statement | If you are going to participate in ROTC we need you to take this form to your doctor and have them annotate that you are healthy enough to participate in our training.
F. Waiver of Liability