California State University, Sacramento

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Army ROTC Forged Gold Battalion

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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Information

Army ROTC Scholarship benefits include:

  • Full Tuition & Fees OR $10,000 for Room & Board
  • $1,200 Book Stipend per academic year
  • $420 Stipend per month (10 months / 12 months)

Sac State University Scholarship benefits include:

  • LTC Jeffery L. Tally, USA (Ret.) & Mrs. Janet Tally
    • offers up to $2,500/ spring semester
    • ONLY non-scholarship Army ROTC Cadets
    • November 1st -November 30th (application open)
    • Early December - Committee reviews applications
    • January funds in winner's account
  • LTC Vance Hansen (USMC) Memorial Scholarship
    • offers up to $600/fall semester
    • Veterans, Army ROTC Cadets, and Air Force Cadets
    • December 1st - March 31st (application open)
    • April and May - Committee reviews applications
    • June and July Financial Aid review
    • Mid August - funds in winner's account

General Scholarship Application Packet:

  1. Eligibility Requirements
  2. CC 139-R - Cadet Application (Page 1-2 Only)
    1. print / turn in all 6 pages
  3. CC 104-R - Academic Planner Worksheet
  4. CBEF Survey Instructions
  5. Scholar, Athlete, Leader (SAL) Criteria
  6. Transcripts

Email us at with all requested items and a statement of completion for the CBEF survey.