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Mid-semester Assessment Process (MAP)

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Mid-Semester Assessment Process (MAP)

MAP Program Overview

The Spring 2024 MAP application is now open!

The Mid-Semester Assessment Process (MAP) is open to all faculty who are interested in assessing their own teaching and evaluating how students are learning in their course. This confidential and optional process occurs mid-semester and is for the faculty member's personal use and reflection.

Each MAP entails the following phases:

  • Pre-MAP Consultation with a MAP Facilitator (~20-30 minutes)
  • In-Class MAP (~30-45 minutes)
  • Post-MAP Consultation with a MAP Facilitator (~45-60 minutes)


Instructors are partnered with an experienced subject-alike faculty mentor. Together they will determine the class session in which students will be asked for anonymized feedback.


The faculty mentor will attend the end of a class session (either in-person or online) to collect feedback. The instructor will leave the class while confidential data is collected.


The faculty mentor will analyze the student feedback for trends. Common themes and areas in the teaching and learning process are summarized for review with the instructor.


A final meeting with the instructor and the faculty mentor is held. The faculty mentor presents their findings to the instructor. Possible redesigns and changes are identified and discussed.

Sign-Up to Request a MAP

If you would like to have a facilitator gather student evaluative feedback in your course, please submit a MAP request.

Apply to be a MAP Facilitator

We are not currently accepting applications for additional MAP facilitators at this time.