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Summer Online Grant and CourseMatch

Summer Online Grant 2022

The Center for Teaching and Learning, and the College of Continuing Education are funding grants to develop fully online courses that support student success, the Graduation Initiative 2025, and will be offered in Summer 2022 and beyond. The grant program will assist faculty, who have some online experience, to develop high-quality online courses with support from instructional designers and faculty mentors.

Faculty, with the approval of their Academic Departments and Colleges, are encouraged to apply at the link below.

Grants awarded will provide:

  • $3,500 to be processed as additional employment in accordance with the CBA and campus policy limitations of 125% and will be paid upon completion of course design milestones
  • One-on-one consultation and help from Instructional Designers and Canvas Experts to learn and implement
  • Effective and engaging strategies for asynchronous online teaching
  • Best practices and recognized standards for online course design
  • Design a plan to transform your course for compressed delivery, increased student engagement, equity, and accessibility

The following criteria are considered for the selection process:

  1. Support of proposal from the department chair and/or dean.
  2. Course impact on student progress to a degree: high-demand “gateway” courses, “bottleneck” courses, and courses with high rates of DFW grades are of special consideration.
  3. Participant’s ability and commitment to:
    • Meet and work with other grantees and support team to develop the course during winter break (January) and during the Spring semester. 
    • Explore and adopt best practices and engaging teaching strategies for asynchronous online learning.
    • Participate in data sharing that contributes towards the evaluation of the Summer Online Grant program.

Application Timeline :

  • Application deadline: Wednesday, December 8th
  • Award notification: Friday, December 17th

Submit your Summer 2022 proposal today!

Important Dates:

Orientation/kick-off: Fri. January 7th & Tues. January 10th from 9 am-4 pm, virtually on Zoom

Synchronous Workshops: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on February 1, February 15, March 1; and April 5th, 2022.

For more information:

  • You can download a flyer (link to shareable pdf) to share with anyone who may be interested in participating, your chair, and/or your dean.
  • Check the flyer for the synchronous 2022 Summer Online Grant schedule and expectations.
  • To prepare for your proposal, download the questionnaire here.

Submission Deadline:

Interested faculty are invited to submit a proposal by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 8th. Direct inquiries to the CTL

*For questions about accommodations or to request a reasonable accommodation for any CTL event, please contact Som Sayasone by email at as soon as possible.


Program applications for Fall 2022

CourseMatch is the CSU Chancellor's office initiative to provide CSU students greater access to the fully online courses offered throughout the CSU system. Priority approval will be given to fully online, asynchronous, highly successful courses, which fulfill general education requirements or lower division major preparation requirements in areas of greatest demand. Instructors must have completed a Chancellor's Office Quality Matters training program or equivalent Sacramento State training program. Professional Development funds or overload pay are available for each approved Course Match course in which at least one Course Match student enrolls.

Application is due to Academic Affairs by April 10th, 2022.

NOTE: This application is open every semester for the next semester. If you had your course accepted in a semester and you want to open it for Coursematch again, you will have to apply every semester.

Click Here to Apply

Information session held online via Zoom (Link to recorded session will be forthcoming soon):

  • Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Information needed for the application (beyond contact and course information):

  • Syllabus
  • Comparative Grades (to show low DFW rates).
    • Online Grades compared to non-online grades (hybrid and face-to-face) (Preferred)
    • Online Grades over time (if the class has not been taught non-online recently)
  • Identify how academic integrity is maintained (i.e. reduce cheating, plagiarism): Practices and Technology Programs.
  • Here is a PDF of the entire application survey in case you want to look at it in advance and then return to fill out the electronic application.
  • Here are some DFW spreadsheets you will need:
    • Please use this spreadsheet to calculate the DFW rates for fully online course sections over time.
    • Please use this spreadsheet to calculate the DFW rate for a fully online course section compared to a face-to-face or hybrid course section

For those of you that missed this presentation, here are the following to help you make a decision to participate: