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Rehired Annuitants as Temporary Faculty

This page is intended to convey basic information about rehired annuitants working as temporary faculty. For staff-related rehired annuitants, please visit the Employment Services webpage.


The CalPERS website states that "A 'retired annuitant' is a CalPERS retiree who, without applying for Reinstatement From Retirement, returns to work with a CalPERS employer in a designated retired annuitant position."

Work Limitations

Rehired annuitants may not be employed at Sac State (or by any CalPERS employer) for a period of 180 days after the retirement date (excluding FERP participants).

Sac State is prohibited from hiring retirees who have collected unemployment insurance compensation during the 12-month period prior to the proposed appointment (HR 2017-04).

Employment within a fiscal year may not exceed 960 hours or 50% of the time base in the year preceding retirement, whichever is less.

  • All the academic workdays (prorated by time base) defined by the academic calendar count toward the 960 hour (the equivalent of 120 academic workdays) or 50% of the hour’s methodology maximum (time base maximum) whichever is less, regardless of actual days spent teaching. (GC 21227).
  • FERP employment is limited to 90 days (720 hours) or 50% of the time base in the year preceding retirement, per Article 29 of the Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Rehired annuitants must monitor their hours of work. Penalties for exceeding limitations above include the risk of having their retirement terminated and all of the retirement allowance paid during the period of unlawful employment may be collected.

Appointment Information

Appointment as a rehired annuitant will be in the form of a temporary faculty (lecturer) appointment, regardless of the type of appointment the retiree held prior to retirement. Rehired annuitants will be subject to the same rights and responsibilities as other temporary faculty as provided in the Unit 03 contract unless specifically stated.

Retirement is a voluntary termination of employment, thus when a retiree gains employment as a rehired annuitant faculty, they are considered a brand new hire for purposes of entitlement, order of assignment, and eligibility (range elevation, 3-year contracts, etc.). Furthermore, there is no requirement on behalf of the department to offer a rehired annuitant the same rank or salary that they had prior to retirement.


CalPERS Retired Annuitant Website:

Chancellor's Office Technical Letter HR 2017-04 Post Retirement Employment: CalPERS' Retirees (internal, requires login)

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