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Office of Graduate Studies Academic Affairs

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Job Listings


  • Instructional Student Assistant (ISA)
  • Graduate Assistant (GA) or Teaching Associate (TA)

Students Applying for Positions

  1. Students fill out a GA / TA or ISA application completely and sign. They may include a resume or any other pertinent documents.
  2. Completed application is then submitted directly to the department or program.
  3. TA & GA Applicants: The student's major & hiring department must be closely related.
  4. International Students: They will need clearance from the Global Education Office (Lassen Hall 2304).

Application & Eligibilty

Opportunities by College & Departments

Department Position Semester Application Deadline
Asian Studies      
Biological Sciences      
Business - Accounting      
Business - ADFS Office      
Business - ADFR Office ISA Job Description Fall 2022 Ongoing
Business - Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate      
Business - Information Systems & Business Analytics      
Business - Management & Organizations ISA - Job Description Fall 2022 Ongoing
Business - Student Engagement      
Business - Strategy & Entrepreneurship      
Career Center      
Center for California Studies      
Center for Science and Math Success ISA - Job Description Fall 2022 Ongoing
ISA - Job Description Summer 2022 Ongoing
Chemistry TA - Job Description Ongoing Ongoing
Child Development      
Civil Engineering      
College of Arts & Letters      
College of Arts & Letters - Professional Seminar Series      
College of Business  ISA Job Description Fall 2022 Ongoing
ISA - Job Description Fall 2022 Ongoing
College of Continuing Education      
College of Health & Human Services      
College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics      
Communication Sciences & Disorders      
Construction Management      
Criminal Justice      
EDD (Doctorate in Ed Leadership)      
Education - Grad & Professional Students in Education      
Education - Teaching Credentials      
Education - Undergrad Studies in Education      
Electrical Engineering (EEE)      
Engineering & Computer Science (ECS)      
Enviromental Studies      
Ethnic Studies      
Faculty Student Mentoring      
Family and Consumer Sciences      
Foreign Languages      
Humanities & Religious Studies      
Interdisciplinary Studies      
Mathematics & Stats      
Mechanical Engineering      
Mgmt Info Science      
Nursing ISA - Job Description Fall 2022 Ongoing
ISA - Job Description Fall 2022 Ongoing
Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC)      
Physical Therapy      
Public Health      
Public Policy and Administration      
Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration      
Research Affairs      
Science Equity      
Services to Student with Disabilities      
Social Work/Services      
Student Athlete Resource Center      
Student Research Center      
Theatre & Dance      
Undergraduate Studies in Education ISA - Job Description Summer 2022 Ongoing
Womens Studies      
World Languages & Literatures