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Job Listings


  • Instructional Student Assistant (ISA)
  • Graduate Assistant (GA) or Teaching Associate (TA)

Students Applying for Positions

  1. Students fill out a GA / TA or ISA application completely and sign. They may include a resume or any other pertinent documents.
  2. Completed application is then submitted directly to the department or program.
  3. TA & GA Applicants: The student's major & hiring department must be closely related.
  4. International Students: They will need clearance from the Global Education Office (Lassen Hall 2304).

Application & Eligibility

Opportunities by College & Departments

List of college and department job listings
Department Position Semester Application Deadline
Asian Studies      
Biological Sciences      
Business - Accounting      
Business - ADFS Office      
Business - ADFR Office      
Business - Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate      
Business - Information Systems & Business Analytics      
Business - Management & Organizations ISA - Job Description Fall 2024 August 21st, 2024
Business - Marketing and Supply Chain Management      
Business - Student Engagement      
Business - Strategy & Entrepreneurship      
Career Center      
Center for California Studies      
Center for Science and Math Success      
Child Development      
Civil Engineering      
College of Arts & Letters      
College of Arts & Letters - Professional Seminar Series      
College of Business      
College of Continuing Education      
College of Education      
College of Health & Human Services      
College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics      
Communication Sciences & Disorders      
Computer Science      
Construction Management      
Criminal Justice TA - Job Description Fall 2024 August 2nd, 2024
Disability Access Center (DAC)      
EDD (Doctorate in Ed Leadership) GA - Job Description Fall 2024 July 31st, 2024
Education - Grad & Professional Students in Education      
Education - Teaching Credentials      
Education - Undergrad Studies in Education      
Electrical Engineering (EEE)      
Engineering & Computer Science (ECS)      
Enviromental Studies      
Ethnic Studies      
Faculty Student Mentoring      
Family and Consumer Sciences      
Foreign Languages      
Health Science ISA - Job Description Fall 2024 Until Filled
Humanities & Religious Studies      
Interdisciplinary Studies      
Mathematics & Stats ISA - Job Description Summer 2024 Ongoing 
  TA - Job Description Fall 2024 Ongoing
  GA - Job Description Fall 2024 Ongoing
  ISA - Job Description Fall 2024 Ongoing
Mechanical Engineering      
Mgmt Info Science      
Nursing GA - Job Description Fall 2024 July 26th, 2024
  ISA - Job Description Fall 2024 July 26th, 2024
Office of Equal Opportunity      
Office of Graduate Studies      
Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC)      
Physical Therapy      
Political Science      
Public Health GA - Job Description Fall 2024 August 9th, 2024
Public Policy and Administration      
Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration      
Research Affairs      
Science Equity      
Social Work/Services      
Student Athlete Resource Center      
Student Research Center      
Theatre & Dance      
Undergraduate Studies      
Womens Studies      
World Languages & Literatures