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Environmental Studies Welcome new Department Chair, Dr. Wayne Linklater!


About Environmental Studies

Department of Environmental Studies

Our Program

The Environmental Studies program provides an interdisciplinary understanding of such increasingly serious issues as environmental pollution, wildlife and habitat preservation and conservation, sustainable land use, threats to biodiversity, resource depletion, energy conservation, and global climate change as they are influenced by the interactions of humans and the natural environment.

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ENVS Department Anti-Racism Statement

The Department of Environmental Studies recognizes that racism exists in both overt and latent forms, causing trauma and violence, and disadvantaging many. We also recognize that racism is embedded in the systems that we are all a part of and we commit to actively eliminating it and mitigating its impacts.

As teachers we must proactively disrupt the many ways that racism shows up in our work, our lives, and our communities. We also recognize that the extensive expertise and lived experiences of faculty, staff, and students in our College are critical driving forces in the changes we must make. Together, we will advocate for school-wide antiracist practices that listen to, value, and advance the hope and needs of all people.

We commit to working with each other and the campus community to learn about, hold ourselves accountable, and practice anti-racism.

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Environmental Studies Department
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