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Environmental Studies

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Advising for Environmental Studies Students

Advising - ENVS Majors

ENVS majors and minors should meet with an ENVS advisor at least once a year for advising regarding courses and other major-related issues. To schedule an appointment please use the online appointment scheduling tool EAB (instructions below)

Approvals for Change of Major/Minor require meeting with the appropriate Academic Advisor (based on your last name) as indicated below.

Approvals for Sub/Waiver require meeting with the appropriate Academic Advisor (based on your last name) as indicated below.

Internship-related Appointments – please review the information on the ENVS 195 Syllabus before scheduling Internship related apointments. ENVS 195 Syllabus

Last name starting with A – D (and all Internship): Dr. Wayne Linklater) via Zoom
Last name starting with E - K: Dr. Michelle Stevens vis Zoom
Last name starting with L – P: Dr. Julian Fulton via Zoom
Last name starting with Q – Z: Dr. Ajay Singh via Zoom

Note: If you do not see availability in EAB for your assigned Advisor then email your assigned Advisor directly

Advising Resource

How To Schedule an EAB Appointment

Advising - GE and Graduation (College of SSIS Student Success Center)

Hello SSIS College students,

As your are transitioning back to campus next week, the SSIS College Student Success Center wanted to update you on the Center’s hours for GE and graduation requirements advising. Students can schedule an appointment or visit us for Zoom or in-person meetings. Click here for flyer.


Monday – Thursday 9 am – 4 pm
Friday 9 am – 1 pm


Monday 10:30 am – 2:30 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 12 pm – 3 pm
Wednesday 1 pm – 3:30 pm
Friday 10 am – 1 pm


Fall 2022 Registration


If a class is “full”, but it appears there are seats available, keep checking back, especially after Aug 8. There are some seats reserved for Freshman/Transfers students and any not filled over the summer will be released and available on Aug 8.

If a class is full and the waitlist is full, keep checking back. There is usually a lot of changes during the first few weeks of registration.

ENVS 112

You must have a WPJ with a score of 80+ on your student record. There is no exception or override option to this rule. If have a WPJ score on your student record and can’t enroll then email a screenshot to the ENVS office at Be to include your name, student id, and which section you want to enroll in and use only your Sac State email

ENVS 120

STATS I or equivalent pre-req. If you don’t have a STATS I on your course history then email the Instructor. They may ask you about an equivalent course that will give you the background to succeed in the class. The Instructor will either instruct you to submit an OnBase Add form (preferred) or they may email the ENVS office to enroll you.

Any electives that have pre-reqs – email the Instructor and if they approve your entry in to the class, they will either instruct you to submit the OnBase add form (preferred) or they will email the ENVS office to enroll you.

ENVS 190 – Thesis

-If you have a passing grade for ENVS 112 from a previous semester, and it has posted to your student record (please check), then you should be able to register for ENVS 190 yourself.


-If you are currently enrolled in Spring 2022 ENVS 112, please wait until your grade posts and then try to enroll in ENVS 190.


- If are trying to enroll in Fall 2022 ENVS 112 concurrently with Fall 2022 ENVS 190 then you should email the Instructor, Dr. Michelle Stevens at for Instructor Permission. Be sure to include your name and student ID number.

Note: ENVS 190 does not have an enrollment cap so you need not be concerned about the class filling and being unable to "get in" (if you are eligible to enroll).

ENVS 195 – Internship

Review the information on the ENVS website regarding requesting to be enrolled in ENVS 195. While you may be added to the ENVS 195 Canvas page to have access to internship related documents, effective April 27, 2022 you may not necessarily be enrolled in Fall 2022 ENVs 195 until you have obtained an internship.

Forms & Essentials

  • Course Substitution (Substituing a course of equivlant value taking at another Institution for a Sac State course - By appointment only with an Academic Advisor who will access the OnBase Form (As of July 1 2021)
  • Course Waiver (Waiving a required course) - By appointment only with Academic Advisor who will access the OnBase form (As of July 1 2021)
  • Student Grade Appeal Information