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Auditing & Consulting Division of Administration & Business Affairs

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Subpoenas and Lawsuits

For questions and other assistance, please contact the Public Records Coordinator.

Service of Subpoenas

We are unable to respond to subpoenas where the CSU is a party to the proceeding. Instructions for completing service of subpoenas where the CSU is a party to the proceeding are available from the CSU Office of General Counsel.

For University Records


In collaboration with the California State University system, the Sacramento County Public Health Department, and other regional leaders, Sacramento State has transitioned to virtual operations in all feasible areas of the University. Until further notice, acceptance of in-person service has been suspended and service should instead be completed by following the steps listed below:

  1. Email a scanned copy of the complete subpoena and all attachments to Please do not include any social security numbers in this transmission.
  2. Mail the original subpoena and a check made out to “CSUS” to cover the $15.00 processing fee to California State University, Sacramento, Auditing and Consulting Services, Sacramento Hall Suite 259F, MS 6040, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, California 95819.

In order to fully process a subpoena, we must receive BOTH the original subpoena by MAIL and a copy by EMAIL.

For records requests, please email the records request and the applicable signed authorization to Please do not include any social security numbers in this transmission.

Records releases for appropriately served subpoenas and records requests will be done electronically, by either secured email or secured file share upload.

For Appearance of a University Employee

As a general rule, subpoenas addressed to a particular person requesting personal appearance to testify as a witness can only be accepted by that person. However, in the following circumstances, service of an appearance subpoena may be achieved by delivering two copies of the subpoena to Auditing and Consulting Services following the processes set forth above:

  • When a University peace officer is being subpoenaed to testify about an event or transaction that he or she witnessed or investigated in his or her role as a peace officer.
  • When a University employee is being subpoenaed to testify about expertise gained during the course of his or her duties.

University employees who are being subpoenaed to testify about something they perceived while at work or personal matters must be individually served.

Service of Lawsuits

Against the University

A lawsuit (i.e., a summons and complaint) that names the California State University, the CSU Board of Trustees, and/or an individual CSU campus as a defendant must be served on the California State University’s Office of General Counsel. Instructions for completing such service are available from the CSU Office of General Counsel.

California State University, Sacramento employees do not have the authority to accept service of lawsuits against the University. Employees who are approached by a process server attempting to serve a lawsuit upon the University will not accept service and will instead direct the process server to the Office of General Counsel.

Against an Individually Named Defendant

Individually named defendants in a lawsuit may be served at their work location on campus. If an individually named defendant is away from his or her work location when service is attempted, the process server will be advised to return at another time.