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Minor Design Change Committee

The Minor Design Change Committee (MDCC) is appointed by the President to provide review and make recommendations for any signage needs across campus.

The Process:

Once a request is received, via the MDCC email, it is reviewed by the committee for such things as fire ratings, safety, branding, longevity, appropriateness of the materials/ type of sign for the type of request, effectiveness of the message and an overall fit with campus aesthetics.

Once the Committee has reviewed, a recommendation is made to multiple VP’s for review.

The VP’s can then review and approve or deny each request. It is their final decision which determines what signage is allowed; not the Committee’s.

The Timeline:

The timeline depends on multiple factors, including type of request, availability of committee members to review and availability of VP’s to make final determination.

WAYFINDING SIGNAGE— 1 week turn around average

EVENT SIGNAGE—3-4 week turn around estimated. The committee review usually takes about a week, one week ot prepare and route the request through the VP's. Dr. Wood's Office advised typical requests are 2 weeks minimum turn around at this time.

PERMANENT SIGNAGE—6 minimum week turn around estimated as more investigation needed for cohesion across campus and routing for signatures.


Please provide the following to keep your review as timely as possible

* Description of the request including why the signage is necessary and any other pertinent information to help the committee accurately review the request.

* A mock up of all requested signage.

* Map of the locations.

* What type of sign will be used? Examples: banner/A-frame/scrim fencing etc.

*Staked/lawn signage is prohibited due to safety concerns.

* Dates / timeframe.

* If you have already submitted your request for branding review, it will decrease the amount of time needed for MDCC review. If not, branding review will be done as part of the MDCC review.

To Submit:

Please email your request to

(with as many of supporting requirements listed above as possible)