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Late arrivals disturb performances. Please leave ample time for parking.

Parking Info for 2023-2024

Free parking is NOT available for ticketed events on campus.

Sac State uses virtual parking permits. To reserve a discounted $4 daily permit for the day of each event, use the link available in the sales flow while purchasing your ticket. Otherwise, please click below to purchase a daily parking pass.

2023-2024 Season: Translations and Adaptations

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*each ticket includes a $2 per ticket fee, regardless of purchase or delivery method

Antigone 2054*

May 9-12, 2024
University Theatre (Shasta Hall 113)
Directed by Dr. Erin Kaplan

Based on Sophocles' 441 BCE play, Antigone, Antigone 2054 explores a not-too-distant-future in which Artificial Intelligence has taken over society. Programmed by Oedipus, Creon, and Tiresias, the AI learning-machine has taken on a life of its own, was elected to office and now deems itself "The Leader." In an effort to end the chaos, war, division, and injustice of our present day, The Leader aims to make everyone "perfect" based on their algorithm and anyone deemed "not-perfect" is subject to being rebooted, killed, or worse... taken off server.

A brave young woman, Antigone, must finish the work started by her father, Oedipus, and her brother, Polynices, to end The Leader's control once and for all. But first, she has to learn about her past, understand her present, and risk her future to do so.

Will Antigone free the world? Will she end up another slave to The Leader? Or was it all just a dream? Find out in Antigone 2054.

This show was conceived, devised, and written by students in THEA 121, Spring 2024.

Tickets: $20 General Admission, $17 seniors (55+), $14 Sac State students, staff, SARTA members, $12 youth (3-12)

*PLEASE NOTE: there will be bright flashing lights throughout the show.

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Sunday, May 12, 2024 - 2pm

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