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Complaint Process


California State University, Sacramento endeavors to provide an inclusive and professional environment that aims to fosters trust and respect for all members of the University community. To that end, the University expects itself and members of the University community to treat each other with dignity and value as conveyed by the Hornet Honor Code. While acknowledging that conflicts and disagreements may arise at times, we believe most of these instances can be resolved informally through constructive dialogues between the involved individuals. The University, however, recognizes that there are times when it may be appropriate to pursue the matter in a more formal manner through the filing of a complaint.

The University takes all complaints seriously and has established internal policies to safeguard the rights of individuals who file a formal complaint against faculty, employees, supervisors, administrators, other members of the University community, and the general public.

It is the goal of the University to look into the complaint in a timely manner and to address the matter appropriately with the involved parties. Should the complaint be found to be substantiated, the University will take appropriate and timely actions.

Should you decide to file a formal complaint, it is important to keep these factors in mind:

  • Most complaints have established policies and procedures that determine the process in which the complaint will be handled, including which unit or division of the University will look into the complaint as well as the timelines.
  • The University understands confidentiality during the complaint process is important, but the University is unable to guarantee absolute confidentiality.
  • Although it is not required to file a complaint, it will help if the complaint includes dates and times of the incidents, including any documents or materials that will support the allegations, and a list of potential witnesses.
  • What potential remedy or outcome would you like to see result from the complaint.

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