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Filing a Complaint (Unit 11)

Campus Safety

Type: Safety related incidents on campus

Contact: Campus Police

Telephone: (916) 278-6000 Email:

Website: Campus Police Department


Type: Whistleblower/Retaliation for reporting improper governmental activities

Related Resources: Executive Orders 1115 and 1116

Contact: Office for Equal Opportunity

Telephone: (916) 278-5770 Email:

Website: Office for Equal Opportunity

Workplace Bias

Type: Conduct that impacts your sense of belonging or seems unjust

Contact: Belonging Education & Support Director


Website: Belonging Education & Support System

Workplace Conduct

Type: Workplace conduct that impacts an employee's work performance or violates a policy and general work rule.

Contact: College Deans and Associate Deans or HR-Academic Labor Relations (ALR)

Telephone (HR-ALR): (916) 278-4136 Email:

Website: CSUS Colleges or HR Academic Labor Relations

Workplace Discrimination or Harassment

Type: Workplace Discrimination or Harassment based on a protected class, retaliation, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking

Related Resources: Executive Orders 1096 and 1097

Contact: Office for Equal Opportunity

Phone: (916) 278-5770 Email:

Website: Office for Equal Opportunity