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Common Human Resources System (CHRS)


Common Human Resources System (CHRS) is a single Human Resources data management system for all 23 campuses in the CSU, plus the Chancellor’s Office. CHRS is a multi-year effort to upgrade the entire CSU to the latest version of PeopleSoft HCM (9.2), with modifications included to ensure the software meets CSU business needs.

The project will transform Human Resources business processes and practices and consolidate campus database instances into a single, centrally managed system. In addition to providing standard business process and standardized data across the CSU, the project includes expanded services for Academic Personnel and an HR Data Warehouse.

As part of Wave 3, Sac State is partnering with the Chancellor’s Office CHRS Program Team and our own campus module teams to upgrade to the latest version of PeopleSoft (9.2) to meet our needs as well as the rest of the California State University system.


When is CHRS happening?

Campuses and Timelines - Campuses are grouped into sets called "Waves" for implementation of CHRS. Our University is in Wave 3 along with Chico State and CSU San Bernardino. Wave 1 campuses are CSU Fullerton and CSU Stanislaus. Wave 2 campuses are CSU Channel Islands and Cal Maritime. Waves 1 and 2 went live in November 2023.

Wave 3 go-live is currently targeted for Spring 2025.

Campus Implementation Cycle: CHRS Implementation cycle

  • Pre-implementation (Complete): Prepared and cleaned data for standardization
  • Preview (In Progress): Review the new system with data from Nov 2023 and how the 9.0 data looks in 9.2. View and test, but cannot submit any requests or corrections. Integrations are not included.
  • Pass A (Begins in May, 2024): Go through 700 test scripts. Testing that the 9.0 data brought over is operating in 9.2 correctly. Integrations are not included in this pass.

How will this impact me?

CHRS will impact Human Resources processes and procedures for staff and faculty. The system manages data such as budgeted positions, employment, job, and personal data. Enhancing the system will change aspects of self-service, time and absence management, recruitment, benefits, temporary academic employment, and more.

  • Transition to Online Timesheets, completed 8/2/2023
  • Transition to Cal Employee Connect for Direct Deposit, completed 1/13/2024
  • Office of Graduate Studies transition to PageUp, planning for Summer/Fall 2024

Project Team

  • Machelle Martin, Human Resources
  • Rebecca Cameron, Faculty Affairs
  • Mark Hendricks, Information Resources and Technology
  • Hema Manickavinayaham, Information Resources and Technology

  • Dan Biondi, Project Manager
    • Sagan Bachtold, Campus Coordinator
  • Beverly Gentry, Change Manager
    • Deborah Ceryes, Communications Manager
    • Christine Hall, Training Lead

  • Absence Management/Time & Labor: Dante Jadavi*, Margaret Lee
  • Benefits: Luis Diaz*, Scott Oleinik
  • Workforce Administration: Justin Gaulke, Jackie Kernen, Matthew Kurtz*, Mellonie Richardson, Casey Valdez
  • Position Management/Labor Cost Distribution: Diana Lynch*
  • Temp Academic Employment: Stephanie Biagetti, Diana Duran, Justin Gaulke*, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Jackie Kernen, Brie Kline-Carrillo, Zitlaly Marin, Margaret Reece, Casey Valdez,
  • Recruiting/PageUp: Justin Gaulke, Matthew Kurtz*, Mellonie Richardson, Casey Valdez
*Module Point of Contact (PoC)

  • Arthur Buntin
  • Deborah Castillo
  • Allison Coleman
  • Seyran Divanyan
  • Brad Grebitus
  • Meng Her
  • Jeanie Krieger
  • Darren Lewis
  • Bruce Lim
  • Alex Merical
  • NengBee Moua
  • Sree Nannapaneni
  • Thinh Nguyen
  • Jagan Pandarinathan
  • Seima Pech
  • Ashok Penumalli
  • Brennan Pike
  • ABe Saechao
  • Kalpesh Sheth
  • Evan Todd
  • Russell Wyatt

  • Arlene Alforque-Hernandez
  • Nicole Barksdale
  • Ali Beug
  • Michelle Dungca
  • Lolita Lueras
  • Kevin Mackey
  • Tasha McLaughlin
  • Kristine Novak
  • Kameisha Nalls
  • Madeleine Vadenais
  • Jasmine Valentin