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Performance Evaluation General Instructions & Helpful Information

Revised 04-19-2023

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General Instructions


Review the Performance Evaluation article in the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

  • The Evaluator may not be a “bargaining unit supervisor” or “lead worker.” Lead workers may provide input, but the evaluation must be done by an appropriate administrator.
  • We recommend the Evaluator show the Reviewing Officer a draft of the performance evaluation prior to giving the evaluation to the employee in order to ensure basic agreement as to the ratings.
  • The Reviewing Officer (direct MPP who supervises the Evaluator) is responsible for consistency and accuracy across the Program Center.


Complete the appropriate evaluation form. For some bargaining units, a draft of the evaluation must first be given to the employee

  • Only one rating should be checked for each performance factor and for the overall evaluation. Determine the most appropriate rating and address variations in performance in the comments section.
  • The performance factors are not necessarily equal in weight.
  • If a certain factor(s) is more important for the position in question, the Evaluator may weigh the evaluation for that factor(s) more heavily. This, in turn, may affect the overall performance evaluation rating since the overall evaluation is not necessarily determined by counting up the numbers of each rating.

‘Unsatisfactory’ or ‘Needs Improvement’ Ratings

If one or more performance factors are rated “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory,” the overall performance evaluation rating may likely not be “Satisfactory” or above. ELR will discuss this with the MPP ― please contact us before issuing the evaluation!

  • Meet privately with employee to discuss his/her performance evaluation and goals for the next evaluation cycle.
  • We strongly recommend that managers establish meeting dates to follow-up on expectations and review improvement or lack thereof.

If performance is below Satisfactory after the employee has been notified of the need to improve and provided adequate training and time to improve, consideration should be given to:

  • a recommendation for Rejection during probation for probationary employees,
  • separation from temporary appointment, or
  • progressive discipline for permanent employees.


  • Make sure to indicate if the employee refused to sign the evaluation form and forward it to the Reviewing Officer.

Key Things to Remember

No Surprises!

  • The performance evaluation should not contain any surprises for the employee. This is a written evaluation of all the work and feedback that the employee should have been receiving from their manager throughout the year.

Evaluator Comments

  • Comments should be objective and provide the employee with constructive feedback and specific examples
  • Comments should support the rating given
  • Comments should not include any references to health or other personal topics as these are not relevant to performance

Lead Workers

  • Managers may ask lead workers to complete a Work Lead Feedback Form in order to obtain the lead’s input, but the performance evaluation template must be completed and signed by an Appropriate Administrator (MPP)
  • Lead workers do not sign the performance evaluation of an employee they lead

Below Satisfactory

  • If you rate any performance factor below satisfactory, it is recommended that you reach out to ELR to discuss and/or obtain guidance on any performance issues.
  • Remember – ELR is here to help!

Helpful Information