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Performance Evaluation Signatures via Acrobat Sign

Revised 06-24-2024

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All Evaluators are required to use Acrobat Sign for obtaining signatures on finalized performance evaluations.

All performance evaluations must be submitted to ELR through Acrobat Sign by using the appropriate Evaluator User Guide below. The workflow includes the Acrobat Sign system sending a copy of the finalized signed performance evaluation directly to ELR. This is the most secure way of obtaining signatures on finalized performance evaluations during this virtual/teleworking environment.

The general workflow process is the same; however, this workflow chart shows how Acrobat Sign has been incorporated into the process.

Using Acrobat Sign for Performance Evaluations

Below are user guides for using Acrobat Sign when obtaining signatures on finalized performance evaluations for employees in the groups listed. Next to each Evaluator User Guide is the corresponding Performance Evaluation Signature link needed to start the Acrobat Sign signature process.

Units 1 (UAPD), 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU), Unit 8 (SUPA), and C99 (Confidential)

Unit 9 - IT positions only (CSUEU)

Unit 4 (APC)

Unit 6 (Teamsters)

MPP (M80)