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It's About (E) Time Project

Payroll Services is excited to announce the end of paper timesheets for our mid-month paid state employees!


  • May 2023 - Athletics leads the hive into the new system as our campus pilot for the May 2- May 31 pay period.
  • August 2023 - All campus departments move to the new online system to report hours worked for the August pay period.

Instructions and Resources


  • Online: Employees can submit hours worked, and authorized approvers can view/approve remotely
  • Pre-populated: Pay period dates and employee data display in the online timesheet
  • Streamlined: Simplified approval process
  • Transparent: Employees/Approvers can view hours submitted for pay
  • Familiar: Same system as “Report Absences” and “Absence Management”

Impacted Employees

  • Student Assistants
  • Work-Study Student Assistants
  • Instructional Student Assistants (ISA)
  • Casual Workers
  • Hourly Intermittent Employees
  • Salaried Employees reporting special time (e.g. overtime, pay differential, etc.)

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