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The Reimbursement Request (RR) is used for payments made directly to an individual (employee or non-employee) when a purchase order is not required per CSU Policy guidelines for Contracting & Procurement. The preferred method of payment for these types of transactions is the use of a University issued Procurement card (Procard). The University does not like for employees to be out-of-pocket for two or more weeks waiting to be reimbursed. Use of the Procard is a true cost savings for the University.

Note: Due to tax reporting, individuals may not pay for services and in return seek reimbursement for those services from the University.


For non-employees only - Completed Supplier Data Record form (204 Form) must be submitted to Accounts Payable and entered into CFS before reimbursement is processed. If you already have a Supplier number in CFS or are an employee of CSUS, this is not required. Receipt or invoice is needed to process all reimbursement requests.

Signature of department approving official (Navigation in CFS to verify current signers: CSU Delegation of Authority >Delegation Inquiry) to update approving officials use the CFS Finance System Access Request form.

Note: All requests must have the following attached before payment will be rendered:

  • Invoice or itemized receipts showing the details of what was purchased and that payment has been made
  • Proof of payment is required such as a cancelled check, bank statement, or credit card statement (please redact confidential personal data)

Reimbursement Request Form

Authorized Reimbursements

Type Description
Accreditations Travel expenses for accrediting body or individuals for expenses associated with the accreditation process
Books and Publications Includes audio and visual media
Event Fee Reimbursement to employee for a chair or table at an awards banquet or Gala
Food, non-catered events Payment greater than $50.00 for non-catered food purchases. Must follow Hospitality guidelines, must submit list of attendees and statement of justification
Alcohol May not be purchased on Fund 485 (THS, TS & M except MDR01)
Gift Cards Pre-approval required
Non-Employee travel expenses Reimbursement for travel expenses incurred. Please use the Travel worksheet for Non-Employee to enter expenseses.
Membership Dues/Subscriptions Payment for magazine subscriptions and membership dues (AI and Software subscriptions require ICT approval)
Registration fee For online classes or virtual conferences
Submission fees For publications
Uniform allowances Reimbursement for uniform expenses. To be used by UTAPS, Public Safety and the Student Health Center