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Contract Services

Who We Are and What We Do

Contracting authority on Campus is derived from a CSU Trustees delegation to the Chancellor who delegates authority to each campus President who in turn delegates within the campus. Delegation of Authority to duly authorized Contract Services staff includes, but is not limited to Leases, MOU's, Revenue Agreements, Public Works Contracts, Student Placements and Academic Internships & Service-Learning Agreements.

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities for the development and administration of Business contracting process are defined to ensure the following basic functions are accomplished:

  • Policy compliance and approval of exceptions
  • Preparation of the contract document
  • Negotiation with the contracting entity if required
  • Legal review if required

Contract Approval Policy

What is Contracting?

Agreements Types and Information

Contract Services Staff

Contract Approval Policy

Contractual agreements which would bind California State University, Sacramento must be reviewed by the Contract Services Section of Procurement and Contract Services. This review is required regardless of monetary considerations. Proposed contracts and/or agreements and subsequent changes to contracts and/or agreements must be submitted to Procurement & Contract Services for review and coordination of agreement approval.

(Agreements associated with payments for goods or services via CFS requisition/purchase order or ProCard should be forwarded to the Procurement Services Staff member assigned to that requisition)

What is Contracting?

Contracting occurs whenever the University executes an agreement or contract with an entity outside to the University or a University Auxiliary Organization.

What is a Contract?

A Contract includes things as simple as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to as complex as the construction of a major facility on campus. Examples of contracts and agreements handled by the Contract Administration Services section as follows:

  • Land and Property Lease Agreements
  • Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)
  • Revenue Agreements
  • Student Placement and Academic Internship & Service Learning Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • International Student Agreements
  • Construction Agreements and Construction Related Services
  • Agreements to Borrow Artwork
  • Inter-Departmental Service Agreements
  • Campus Space Use Agreements (through Space Management)
  • No Cost Agreements

Agreement Types

The list below contains the most common types of agreements.

Academic Internship and Service-Learning Site Agreements

All University students being placed at an off-campus Learning Site as part of their coursework under the Academic Internship and Service-Learning Policy must be covered under a Site Agreement.

Click here for a copy of the Campus Procedure for Academic Internship and Service-Learning Site Agreement

Student Placement Agreements (Nursing, Allied Health Programs, Social Work, and Teacher Preparation)

A student placement agreement formally integrates the student's academic study with practical experience in a cooperating organization. It is an off-campus activity designed to serve educational purposes by offering experience. Different types of agreements are use for clinical placement, field work as well as teacher preparation placements.

Click here for a copy of the Campus Procedure for Student Placement Agreement

International Activities Agreements

Agreements for International Activities involving students. All requests are to be submitted through Campus International Programs and Global Engagement (IPGE).

Click here for a copy of the Campus Procedure to Request an International Agreement

No Cost Agreements, including Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)

These type of agreements are used to outline an agreement between parties. It may express a common interest. It is often used in cases where the parties wish to state an agreement in writing, and may be used to define a relationship between campus departments, auxiliaries, other agencies, or external entities. This Agreement type is only used when no funds/money is involved in the arrangement. If there will be payment or the transfer of funds (internally or externally), another process or agreement template would be used.

Click here for a copy of the Campus Procedure for Processing MOU's

Inter-Departmental Service Agreements

This is an agreement between two campus departments/programs where one department/program is providing services to the other for a fee. This type of agreement is not to be used for agreements with Auxiliaries or external entities.

Click here for a copy of the Campus Procedure for Requesting an Inter-Departmental Service Agreement

Revenue Agreements

A binding agreement between the University on behalf of a campus department and another party that defines the terms under which revenue will be received.

Click here for a copy of the Campus Procedure for Revenue Agreement

Land and Property Lease Agreements

Agreements for long term leasing of space (offices, classrooms, etc.) from commercial companies or auxiliaries. Also includes the lease of campus facilities to off campus entity or auxiliary, the lease of campus land and auxiliary organization operating agreements.

Click here for a copy of the Campus Procedure for Requesting Land and Property Lease Agreements

Agreements to Loan or Borrow Artwork

Agreement between the University on behalf of a department or gallery to loan or borrow artwork from the artist or other lender for exhibition or display at the University for a specific timeframe.

Click here for a copy of the Campus Procedure for Requesting an Agreement to Loan or Borrow Artwork

Campus Space Use Agreements Leases

A License Agreement or a Presidential Agreement is used for campus and are coordinated through the campus Space Management Office who submits to Contract Services for processing of the agreement.

Contract Services Staff

Shon Tilby, Contract Specialist II
(916) 278-5797

Gary House, Contract Specialist I
(916) 278-8607

Kassie Smith, Contract Specialist I
(916) 278-7330