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Classroom Use & Furniture

Classroom Use Expectations

Lecture classrooms are provided in "as is" condition. All users are expected to leave classrooms and their equipment in good order and return them to a class-ready condition after each use per furniture layouts posted. Keeping classrooms in good order includes straightening chairs and tables, shutting off electronic equipment, and taking away or disposing of items brought into classrooms such as food/beverage containers, newspapers, etc. Under no circumstances is furniture or other property to be removed from classrooms.

Catering, meals, and potlucks are not permitted in classrooms. Only light refreshments (such as water, coffee, tea, cookies, and donuts) are allowed. Food is limited to light refreshments to maintain the cleanliness and condition of classrooms to support instruction. Users assume responsibility for cleaning up classrooms promptly after their use.

Regular custodial servicing of classrooms occurs after normal business hours and during the evening. To facilitate custodial service access to classrooms, users must vacate classrooms no later than 10:00 p.m. each day.

Classroom Furniture

Standard furniture in Lecture classrooms includes instructor table, instructor chair/stool, podium or sit-stand pc desk, lectern, ADA table, ADA chair, tablet arm chairs and/or tables and chairs. Some classrooms with podiums may not be large enough per State Fire Marshal code compliance to accommodate an instructor table; in these instances, standing lecterns are provided.

Space Management is responsible for oversight of instructional furniture in University Lecture classrooms and conference rooms and will review, approve, and facilitate all instructional furniture change requests. Please report missing or damaged/unsafe classroom furniture to Space Management.

Classroom Furniture Layouts

Report Furniture Problems

If the furniture seat count is incorrect in a Lecture classroom or if there is a furniture safety issue, please notify Space Management as soon as possible. The seat count in Lecture classrooms includes the ADA chair. Space Management will coordinate with Facilities Management to correct the seat count or safety issue as quickly as possible for any classroom issues that are reported. Routine weekly/monthly instructional furniture inventories and safety audits are conducted by Space Management.

ADA Furniture Accommodations

Students that need additional ADA furniture accommodations or adjustments to existing ADA furniture in classrooms must contact the Disability Access Center (formerly named Services to Students with Disabilities) at (916) 278-6955 in Lassen Hall, Room 1008. The Disability Access Center will contact Space Management to coordinate all ADA furniture needs.