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University Print & Mail Division of Administration & Business Affairs

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Address Awareness

Did you know there are 151 departments and over 160 mail stops on campus?

To help us service the campus more efficiently we’d love for you to know a bit more about addressing your mail.


We process 1000's of mail

We process over 1000 outgoing, and over 200 inter-campus pieces of mail daily.

This task is made even harder when over 60% of incoming mail and inter-campus mail are improperly addressed.



Inter-Campus Address

  • Manilla Envelope Only
  • 4-Digit Mail Stop
  • Department Name
  • Recipients Name


Return Address

  • Formal University Name
  • Department/College/Program
  • 6000 J Street, 4-Digit Mail Stop, Sacramento, CA 95819
  • Speedtype


Incoming Address

  • Recipients Name
  • Dept. Name & Mail Stop
  • 6000 J Street, City, State, Zip


Online Subscriptions

  • Name
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City, State, Zip