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Campus Mail Service

Campus Distributions

Campus distributions are a great way to get your message into the hands of faculty, staff, and administrators at Sacramento State. This service is available to university departments, bonafide faculty/staff/student organizations, and university auxiliaries.

Campus distributions can be requested through Print Shop Pro. You may either request your project to be printed and distributed, or you may verify the count needed for your specific distribution and supply the required number of pieces.

Updating our Distribution Sheets:

Help us keep the campus distribution counts and administrator names current. For each of the categories below, search or scroll down to locate your department mail stop. The administration list includes the names of MPP, Program Director, Associate Dean and Department Chair contacts for your mail stop. The faculty/staff list includes the count only for each category. Then click here to submit any deletions, changes or additions to your department's information. The lists are updated on a quarterly basis.

Please note: To avoid a common cause of duplicate mailings, do not include MPP, Program Directors, Associate Deans or Department Chairs in your faculty or staff counts.

Distribution Counts

MPP / Program Directors / Associate Deans / Department Chairs

Faculty / Staff

Mail Pickup & Delivery Services

Faculty/Staff Change of Location Notice

In the event that you change departments on campus, you will need to alert University Mail of your new mail stop. This will enable us to route your mail more accurately. For a list of department mail stops please click here. Please click here to notify us of your change of mail stop.

Keep in mind, that some mail may be positional, if the mail you are receiving is for a position in a particular department, please let the sender know to update their mailing list accordingly.

Department Office Closure Notice

In the event that your department will be closed during the normal business hours, (M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) please click here to notify us of your Department Closure This will enable us to better prepare for deliveries that may be coming to your department.

About University Mail

Sacramento State operates a full-service campus mail center, processing official University business mail and printed materials for departments and approved University programs. This includes intra-campus mail as well as mail for delivery to the U.S. Post Office. University Mail also offers USPS, UPS, and FedEx shipping services, as well as express mail. University Mail also provides list certification, inserting, tabbing, and addressing services.

Intra-Campus Mail

To prepare mail for on-campus delivery (intra-campus mail)

  • Only intra-campus manila or plain manila envelopes should be used for your intra-campus mail.
  • When possible, you should band it separately from outgoing First Class mail.
  • When using intra-campus envelopes, please remember to cross out the previous address and name.
  • If you use regular white envelopes for this mail, your intra-campus mail could be processed as regular mail and your department charged for postage.
  • When addressing intra-campus mail, the individual's name and campus mail stop are sufficient. You do not need to use the building, room number, or telephone extension when addressing intra-campus mail.

By following these guidelines, you ensure that your mail will experience the quickest possible processing time and expedited delivery to its final destination.

May I use a white envelope for on-campus (intra-campus) mail?

Use only manila colored envelopes when sending mail to campus mail stops. White envelopes go off-campus; manila envelopes stay on-campus (except large flats or clasp). This approach expedites sorting and speeds your mail on its way to the intended recipient. Mixing white business-size envelopes (#10) directed to on-campus addresses with your other out-going mail could result in the on-campus envelopes being metered with postage. Those postage fees will be charged to your department's budget.

University Housing Services

Student mail should not be addressed to the general campus address. Each residence hall has a unique street address. If you are sending mail to a student in University Housing Services, please see below for the correct address to use for your students' residence hall.

A list of Residence hall mailing addresses can be found here:

U.S. Postal Service Mail

The following is general information about the U.S. Postal Service mail. For information about specific mailings, consult the U.S. Postal Service online guide or contact University Mail at x86783.

U.S. Postal Rates (07/09/2023)     

First Class Letter
Local (≤16oz)
Postcard Express Mail First Class Flat
Certified Mail First Class Parcel
Return Receipt
$0.66 $9.65 $0.51 $28.75 $1.35 $4.35 $4.75 $3.55

U.S. Postal Service Size Standards

Media Max. Size Min. Size Max. Thick Min. Thick Max. Weight
Postcards 6 x 4.5 in. 5 x3 .5 in.   .007 in.  
Letters 11.5 x 6.125 in. 5 x 3.5 in. .25 in. .007 in.  
Flats 12 x 15 in.   .75 in.    
All postcards, letters, and flats not standard in size, will be charged a surcharge of 10¢ each, in addition to normal postage charges.
Priority & Parcel Post 108 in. (length and girth combined) 70 lbs.
Folded Self Mailer 6 x 10.5 in. 3.5 x 5 in.   .007 in. 3 oz.

Postage Chargebacks

  • Postage is charged to each department through the use of its postage account number (speedchart). University Mail is not responsible for monitoring individual use of account numbers. All valid speedcharts will be processed. Mail without speedchart account numbers will be returned to the department.
  • Postage account numbers (speedchart) must appear in the upper left-hand corner of all outgoing envelopes or packages as the last line of the return address. Postage charges are reflected on the department's monthly Cost Recovery Report generated by IRT and located in the Financial Data Warehouse (FDW).