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Refunds Enrollment Costs & Fees

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Disbursements & Direct Deposit (eRefund)


If you have been awarded financial aid and have completed the required documentation, your aid may begin to disburse the week before the first day of instruction. At the time of disbursement, the aid will apply to the registration fees and debts before any balance is given to you. The remaining funds will be sent as a paper check unless you are signed up for direct deposit (eRefund). If the aid disbursed does not cover the full amount of the registration fees owed, you will be responsible for the balance.

  • Financial Aid checks (except those in which Perkins, Goethe or Nursing Loans are included on the check ) will be mailed to the address on file with Admissions and Records.
  • PLUS loans are mailed to the parent borrowers.
  • Scholarship check disbursement varies.

Replacement Checks: If your check is not received in the mail, you must wait one (1) week from the disbursement date before requesting a replacement check. Replacement check forms are available in Lassen Hall 1001.

Sign Up for eRefund (direct deposit)

eRefund is direct deposit for any refunds that you are expecting from the University – including financial aid. This is a faster way to receive your funds, rather than waiting for a paper check to come in the mail.

To sign up for this FREE service, log into your MySacState account and navigate to your Student Center, click on the Account Inquiry link and then the eRefund button.

Click here for a tutorial on how to set up your eRefund account.

When we send you a refund, you will be notified by email. Here is how the process works once you get that email:

  • The University authorizes our bank to send the funds out to the other banking institutions.
  • Then, each of those banks will follow their own procedures to deposit the funds into the individual accounts.
  • You should begin to see the funds in your account within two days of the email.


If the funds are not deposited into your account within two days of the email, you may contact your bank regarding their deposit process.

If they are not able to assist you, it may be because the account information you entered was not correct, or was not updated if you have changed banks and/or accounts. If so, your bank will not be able to match the eRefund to your account, and they will need to send the funds back to the University.

When the University receives returned funds, we will notify you by email that we have suspended your eRefund enrollment. AFTER receiving that email, you can re-enroll for eRefund with the correct information. We will then re-disburse the funds. If you have re-enrolled in eRefund, we will send another eRefund. If not, we will issue and mail a paper check to the current address you provided on your MySacState account.

Need to change your bank account or withdraw from eRefund? Click here for a tutorial.

The eRefund Process - "It's Not Magic, But It's Still Pretty Darn Awesome!"