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Refunds Enrollment Costs & Fees

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Refunds & Account Credits

Refund Policy

Students are responsible to drop their own classes if they are not attending.

Once the term begins, prorated registration fees will be charged for each calendar day that a student remains enrolled.

It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with policies and procedures concerning add/drop, withdraw, and refund deadlines.

This policy applies even if you have not made a payment. Withdrawing or dropping units could result in charges for (including but not limited to):

  • Prorated registration fees
  • Late payment fees
  • Repayment of Financial Aid
  • Prorated Housing charges
  • Cancellation fees for Housing

If a refund is processed for you:

  • Refunds will first be applied to any outstanding debt owed to the University.
  • Refunds of credit card payments will be refunded back to the credit card.
  • Refunds of check payments are subject to a waiting period of 10 business days.

Students who OFFICIALLY withdraw or drop units by the published deadlines do not need to request a refund or credit to their account, as these will be processed beginning after the first two weeks of the term.

Students who believe they have extenuating circumstances that might warrant a refund after the published deadlines may submit a Refund Application with a complete explanation of the circumstances and any supporting documentation to the Bursar's Office.

Withdrawing From All Classes

  • The deadline to withdraw and receive a 100% refund is January 21, 2024 for Spring 2024. After this date students are eligible to receive a pro-rated refund (or credit to their account) only if withdrawing from all classes.
  • Students who officially withdraw from the University (Access the digital form "Semester Withdrawal form" via OnBase here) prior to the first day of instruction will receive a 100% refund of registration fees and course fees (minus a $10 processing fee).
  • Beginning with the first day of instruction through the 60% date (April 4, 2024) of the semester, refunds (and account credits) will be on a prorated basis using the official withdrawal date.
  • Students are not eligible to receive a refund (or credit to their account) for withdrawing after the 60% date (April 4, 2024). The prorated refund will be calculated by the number of CALENDAR days from the first day of the semester through the date of withdrawal.
  • To officially withdraw you must digitally submit a Withdrawal Form (Access the digital form "Semester Withdrawal form" via OnBase here).

Drop in Units

  • The deadline to drop units from full-time (more than 6 units) to half-time (6 units or less) and receive a refund (or account credit) is Census Date, February 16, 2024, for SPRING 2024.
    • Students who drop by this date are eligible to receive a 100% refund (or credit to their account) of the difference in registration tuition fees, minus a $10 processing fee.
  • Students who drop from full to half-time after this date are not eligible to receive a refund (or credit to their account).
  • Please note that the processing of drop-in-unit refunds and account credits will not begin until after Census Date.

Financial Aid Refund (Return of Title IV Aid)

  • A student who receives aid and drops units, withdraws, drops out, is expelled, etc. after receiving that aid will be reviewed in accordance with the Federal Title IV Return of Title IV Policy.
  • Federal regulations require using the pro-rata calculation if the student withdrew on or before the 60% date of the enrollment period, April 4, 2024.
  • Students who withdraw after the 60% date April 4, 2024, will be reviewed in accordance with the policy, referenced in California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sections 41802 (resident) and 41913 (non-resident).
  • The credit or repayment is always determined by the student’s withdrawal date. Students are required to officially withdraw from the University (Access the digital form "Semester Withdrawal form" via OnBase here). In the event that the student’s progress does not reflect attendance (i.e., 0.00 GPA resulting from “W” or “WU” grade), the unofficial withdrawal date used will be the mid-point of the payment period for which aid was disbursed or a date documented by Sacramento State.
  • A repayment situation may occur when a student receives aid then drops units or ceases attendance. Sacramento State must determine the student's revised eligibility.

Additional information concerning how withdrawing impacts your financial aid eligibility can be found here.

Parking Refunds

  • Students requesting a refund of parking fees must complete a Refund Application.
  • The Application for Refund will be processed by the Bursar's Office.
  • No refunds are issued for weekly permits.
  • Contact University Transportation and Parking for a current schedule of refund amounts.

Summer and Winter Intersession Refunds

Please visit the College of Continuing Education websites below for Summer and Winter session refund information: