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Brand & Logo FAQs for Non-University Use

  • Do I need permission to use University logo or name?

    Yes. The University logo(s) and names are trademarked. Endorsement of products or services with a logo or University name reference require permission. Contact with your request.

  • How do I request a logo if I am a partnering group for an event with the University?

    Email with description of project and specifications for logo size, file type, and background color the logo will appear on. Be sure to provide contact info for your campus liaison and cc them on the request.

  • Are there guidelines for using the University logo?

    Yes, please make sure to follow the general guidelines for brand and logo usage. You can consult our Quick Guide to Sac State Brand, or the University's comprehensive Logo Usage Guidelines.

  • I am a Sac State student, recent Sac State alumni, parent of a Sac State graduate, do I need permission to use University logo or name?

    Use of the University logo is not allowed by student groups. Use of the logo is not allowed on resume, business card or graduation announcements.

  • Can I create a product (like a T-shirt) that includes the University name, logo, or visual look, and sell it to support my Sac State group?

    The University core logos are trademarked and licensed. You must have permission from licensing to sell items that use the University logos or names. Contact Angela Rader at University Enterprises Inc.,

  • I am part of a student group*, can we use the logo on our club T-shirt?

    No. Student groups are not allowed to use the logos or University branded assets. With permission from, they may add “at Sac State” or “at Sacramento State” to their name as it indicates a geographical location. *exception to this rule: if apparel is used as uniform for academic competition (e.g., debate club, marching band uniforms) with faculty advisor participation in University Marketing approval process.

  • When do I use a logo with TM vs a logo without a TM?

    The University logos and names are trademarked. Logos may not be use without permission from the University. Using a logo with a TM indicates that it may not be used or reprinted without permission. Use a logo with a TM if the item the logo appears on is a uniform, swag, give-away, or is for sale. Some items printed by University Print are exempt from using a logo with a TM. Contact for more information.

  • How do I add University branding for 3rd party software?

    Consult with University Marketing about the scope of the project. Email with description of project, specifications for branding opportunities such as logo, school colors, etc., and provide preferred file type.

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