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Logos & Logotypes

User Agreement for University Logos and Logotypes

To download and use the University logos and logotypes, users must agree to the following:

  1. The Sacramento State logos and logotypes presented on this site are registered trademarks owned exclusively by California State University, Sacramento.
  2. University faculty, staff, and delegates thereof may use these logos for official University business in accordance with the standards established in the Sacramento State Identity Style Guide.
  3. Individuals, groups, and organizations, both on and off campus, seeking to produce and sell merchandise with trademarked Sacramento State names, logos, or logotypes must have prior approval from Trademark Licensing. Sacramento State affiliate groups, including registered student organizations, must have prior approval from trademark licensing for use of any campus trademarks – in print or web communications, or on apparel or products, whether for sale or not.
  4. Non-university third parties, entities, or organizations wishing to use University logos and logotypes for any purpose must first request permission from University Marketing.
  5. All materials using the Sacramento State logo must be approved through University Marketing. For approval, email a PDF of the project with a brief description, including the target audience and how it will be used, to Allow at least five working days for requests.

Core Identity Logos & Logotypes

Sacramento State’s core identity represents the entire University. The names Sacramento State (standard voice), Sac State (casual voice) and California State University, Sacramento (formal voice) and their correlating marks are the University logos and logotypes. The logos and logotypes available for immediate use are shown below and zipped files with available color variations can be downloaded. Please read the Logo Usage Guidelines prior to using the logos and logotypes.

The University official seal and customized integrated logos must be requested through

Standard Voice

Vertical logo with tagline

Vertical logo

Horizontal logo with tagline

Horizontal logo

Stacked logo

Primary Logos with Trademark

  • thumbnail-image-of-tm-logos.jpg
  • A trademark (™) is required on University logos when artwork is printed through a vendor. When printing with University Print do not use a logo with a TM in your artwork.
  • Download Link iconPrimary Logos with TMs

Casual Voice

Nickname logo

Nickname logotype

Formal Voice

Formal horizontal logotype

Formal horizontal stacked logotype

Submit materials using University logos and logotypes to University Brand Review for approval. Please allow five working days.

Identity Extensions: Integrated Logo & Logotypes

Integrated logos and logotypes are available to identity extensions, units or programs that directly support the University's primary function. These include departments, centers, initiatives, projects, and others. (See the Visual Identity Architecture table for more details on identity extensions.) The integrated logos and logotypes include the unit name combined with a University logo or logotype. They can be created for a single unit, or for two. For instance, just a college or both a college and one of its department can be integrated with the logo.

Integrated logos and logotypes can be requested by contacting Please allow a minimum of ten working days for fulfillment. Read the Logo Usage Guidelines prior to using the integrated logos and logotypes.

One-Position Integrated Logos

Two-Position Integrated Logos

Two Position Integrated Logos

Because of the many options and variations for two-position integrated logos, they are created by request only. Contact to request an integrated logo or logotype with two positions and allow a minimum of ten working days for production.


"Redefine the Possible" is a rallying cry for Sacramento State’s students, faculty and staff and it is trademarked by the University. The tagline logotype and the ™ designation should be used whenever it is represented separately from the logo. If the words redefine the possible are written in text, or if the tagline is integrated with the logo, the ™ is not necessary. The logotype is available for download below.

Please read the Tagline Usage Guidelines prior to using "Redefine the Possible."

Tagline logotype

Thumbnail of tagline Logotype

Zipped file includes: Black, Sac State Gold, Sac State Green (shown) and white.

Download Link iconTagline logotype for print

Download Link iconTagline logotype for web