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Hornets On The Rise
Gervilyn Cadimas

As a College of Business Administration student, Gervilyn Cadimas has won numerous accolades for academics and service to others. She has been recognized for her outstanding academic achievements, hard work, and determination to succeed despite obstacles that have presented themselves along her path.

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Serve Others and Give Back

Looking at CBA student Gervilyn Cadimas today, it is easy to see a professional and polished young businesswoman. What is not readily apparent is her tumultuous past. When she was a young child growing up in the Philippines, Gervilyn’s father passed away leaving her and her siblings in conditions that were difficult at best.

To pursue her education ― which she financed on her own ― Cadimas worked all through college while maintaining academic excellence, participating as a competitive swimmer and coach, and completing numerous internships. For her efforts, she received the Business Alumni Chapter Scholarship in 2019.

Cadimas’ goal after graduation was to serve our country and be part of the armed forces. This country has blessed me with limitless opportunities, and I want to pay it forward and give back by joining the military.

After completing her commitment with the Air Force, Cadimas plans to further her education by attending law school with her ultimate sights on founding a non-profit dedicated to helping immigrants from underrepresented communities with their assimilation to the United States. She is confident that her studies in entrepreneurship and finance at Sac State have prepared her well to reach her dreams.

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