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Hornets On The Rise
Rebecca Cameron

Rebecca's team knew time was running out. There was money on the line! Rebecca Cameron, chair of the psychology department at Sac State, was determined to win. The only problem was, Cameron and all her colleagues weren’t on campus during Give Sac State Day.       

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20 Donors or Bust

The goal in front of her — motivate 20 people to make a donation for Give Sac State Day, a 36-hour online fundraiser, and unlock the “challenge” gift of $1,000 additional to Sac State.

Unfortunately, they were scattered — some in the midst of traveling and many at an out-of-town conference. Cameron would not be deterred - she tracked them down in planes, trains, and automobiles!

I started texting people asking if they would give, no matter the amount. And tried to find people at the conference during breaks and asked them to give. I even helped a senior faculty member, who still had a flip phone, make an online donation, Cameron said.

Everyone was great about helping to meet the goal. The psychology department rallied together and pushed SSIS over the top in meeting the challenge. It was fun because it was low key and easy for people to get involved, she said. For us, it was the camaraderie of it all.

Cameron was so inspired by the efforts of her department that she agreed to become a faculty ambassador for Sac State’s On the Rise campaign, which seeks to raise $225 million for Sac State, including doubling the amount of private support for students. Cameron hopes to inspire more giving at Sac State, especially among faculty and staff through payroll deduction.

Sac State is an amazing place, and our students are brilliant, wise, interesting, creative, and motivated, she said. To be able to facilitate them reaching their goals — whether that be through teaching or making a gift — is a real privilege.

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