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Students On the Rise

As a campus and a community, we are aiming high. On the Rise: The Campaign for Sacramento State will double private support for our students through transformational giving. Through the generosity of friends, alumni, faculty, staff, and our community, we will raise the bar.

Students On the Rise

Sacramento State students are resourceful, ambitious, and committed.

They rise to every challenge and are passionate about using their education to help their community. They graduate with the skills, knowledge, and work ethic needed to drive the regional economy forward. They represent the finest in their disciplines including civil service, technology, entrepreneurship, healthcare, teaching, and the arts. Many are first-generation collegians and are changing their families' narrative as they pursue their degrees.

Throughout their course of study, Sac State students take advantage of our immersive learning opportunities with community organizations, policy-making entities, and businesses that are working on issues vital to all our lives. These hands-on experiences lead students to discover their passions, hone their strengths, and build lasting professional relationships that catapult their careers after graduation.

At Sacramento State, we are passionate about ensuring our students have learning and professional development experiences that are accessible and inclusive. We are committed to providing a rich, student-centric academic experience that includes high-quality education and supports the whole student.

WIth increased philanthropic support, our students will become future leaders who will tackle worldwide challenges such as climate change, economic insecurities, healthy aging, global citizenship, and a variety of issues we can’t yet imagine. Your gift to On the Rise supports our students as they pursue their dream of a Sac State degree and graduate ready to make a difference in the world.

Spotlight: Lillian Murphy

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics student Lillian Murphy received the 2020 President's Medal for her outstanding rigor, community involvement, and student leadership. She's off to start her Ph.D. program in the fall. These accomplishments all started with her winning a SURE award, funded by donors.

Spotlight: Gervilyn Cadimas

She sees no limits to her future. She has been recognized for her outstanding academic achievements, hard work, and determination to succeed despite obstacles along her path.

Spotlight: Dewey Cotton III

For Dewey Cotton III, success by scholarship has meant perseverance, drive, and a commitment to others. The Sac State student-athlete was outside his home consoling his nine siblings and talking with emergency personnel who had responded to a 911 call from his home. He should have been taking his final exam.

Invest in the Future

Support Our Students

Scholarships are among the most rewarding ways you can put your philanthropic investment to use at Sacramento State. Scholarships — whether created by an individual, a group, or an organization through tax-deductible donations — ensure that Sacramento State remains affordable and accessible, as well as provide opportunities to inspire and honor our ambitious students.

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