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Improving the Economic Trajectory for All

Sacramento State’s College of Continuing Education (CCE) is driving an economic and cultural renaissance in our region through our leadership which is at the intersection of higher education, workforce development, and economic growth. CCE has been at the forefront of professional education and the home of lifelong learning in Sacramento since 1951.

CCE serves over 31,000 students each year, which is more than the entire undergraduate population of the average college or university. CEE provides an essential step-up for thousands of adult learners so they can complete their degree and secure their foothold in a competitive economy.

Through CCE’s online or in-person educational options, adults can complete their degree, earn career-relevant certificates, or attend a training to improve their career trajectory and financial well-being. Additionally, CCE provides educational enrichment opportunities for youth exposing them to career options, experiences on a university campus, and the opportunity to complete coursework for early college credit. Building on Sacramento State’s leadership in enrolling first-generation students, the CCE summer programs empower the youth of every economic background so they can be given more opportunities to achieve a college education.

CCE also provides essential lifelong-learning, workforce-development, and degree-completion programs which are critical to the future of California. The Public Policy Institute of California predicts by 2030 there will be a shortage of 1.1 million college graduates to meet the needs of California employers. California can only stay at the forefront of the country’s economy if we have an adequately sized, talented, and skilled workforce.

Sacramento State and the CCE are committed to increasing the number of individuals in the region with a degree or post-secondary credential. In Sacramento alone, 60,000 adults are within 15 units of completing their degrees.

CCE can play an important role in helping these people complete their degree and improve our region’s future economic stability and growth. Individuals with post-secondary credentials are 25 percent more likely to be employed; 47 percent more likely to have access to healthcare insurance and 72 percent more likely to have a retirement plan. College graduates are good for our economy and good for the taxpayer.

Through On the Rise: The Campaign for Sacramento State, the College of Continuing Education seeks to raise critical funds to accomplish the following:

Campaign Priorities

Support Adult Learners

  • Increase the volume of courses to help tens of thousands of residents realize their dream of a post-secondary credential or degree.
  • Create scholarship and endowment funds for current and future students. Scholarships have a direct and immediate impact on a student’s life.  

Youth Programs

  • Invest in growing Summer Academies to reach more 4 – 12th grade students from the Sacramento region. Scholarships provide youths with opportunities to attend diverse and exciting programs that include hands-on experiences that can open their eyes and ignite their passion for education. 
  • Expand youth courses in fields that will be in the greatest demand in the next eight to 12 years including STEAM, various trades, and healthcare.

Invest In The Future

College of Continuing Education

Scholarships are among the most rewarding ways to give to Sacramento State because they directly impact students’ lives. They also help celebrate and motivate our best and brightest students.

Make A Gift

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