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Center for African Peace & Conflict Resolution College of Health & Human Services

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Partners & Sponsors

Since CAPCR's founding in 1996, CAPCR has developed independently, in conjunction with other agencies, numerous major initiatives on conflict resolution, alternative dispute resolution and peace education.

Our partners include the U.S. State Department and Department of Education, the U.S. Institute of Peace, U.SAID, JAMS Foundation, World Bank, California Wellness Foundation, the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in Lagos, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, the Nigerian Human Rights Commission, the University of Ghana in Legon, the Ghana Bar Association, Judiciary and Ministry of Justice, the Ghana Association of Certified Mediators and Arbitrators, Ethiopia Dispute Resolution Association, Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Kenya and Ethiopia, National University of Rwanda-Butare, The Gambia Judiciary, Addis Ababa University, the University of Liberia in Monrovia, and the University of Dakar in Senegal, among others.

Become a Sponsor

Supporters of the Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution (CAPCR) at California State University, Sacramento, play a critical role in our acheivements. They enable individuals throughout the Sacramento region and the United States to learn first-hand the important issues that impact African nations and its people.

More than 15,000 individuals from Africa and in the U.S. have attended or participated in CAPCR projects, seminars and workshops; as a result, several African nations have benefited from significant legal reform and conflict resolution intiatives. A donation to CAPCR will help us ensure leaders, advocates, and students will be equipped with the tools they need to promote profound societal and political development that focuses on democracy, peace and human rights, as well as global education in Africa.

Through supporters CAPCR has made accomplishments that advance our goals in raising awareness of the cultural, political, and economic and social issues in Africa and her diaspora:

  • Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda and Sir Ketumile Masire, former President of the Republic of Botswana, both recently spoke at Sacramento State about their country's respective progress toward peace and democracy.
  • CAPCR provides on-going Alternative Dispute Resolution Training for African legal professionals and community leaders. The training focuses on negotiation and mediation techniques, and arbitration skills.
  • Since 1993 summer academic seminars in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda and Uganda have been held by CAPCR for K-12 teachers and faculty from Sac State and other colleges. This on-going professional development program is geared toward international studies with a primary focus on Africa.
  • The annual summer workshop on Conflict Resolution focused on topics such as Cross-Cultural Communication, Arbitration, Negotiation, Mediation and Consensus Building techniques.

CAPCR Sponsorship

CAPCR Sponsors

A sincere thank you to all of our sponsors!

Corporate ($2000 or more) Lifetime ($600 or more) Associate ($75 or more) Regular ($50 or more)
The Coca Cola Company
College of Health & Human Services, Sacramento State
Yusol Foods International
Ernest & Nnenna Uwazie
Daniel & Ellen Yamshon
John Welsh and Rae Terry
Lonnie Dewitt
Maria Alexandrino
Terri Tobin
Patricia Holmes
Chris Rufer
George Woods, Jr.
Betsy S. Kimball
JAMS Foundation
Dr. Hazel Mahone 
Howard J. Whitaker
Claudet Maharajh
Arline Prigoff
Hortense Simmons
Cecil Canton
Marangu M’Marate
F. Kofi Hemeng
Tshidiso Ranamane
Donald Wyner
Fallon M. Moursund
Patmandela Davies
Don Carper
Morris Lewis
Earnest Chidi Duru
Quennon Coleman
John Shoka
Emmanuel Gale
Jessie Gaston
Cloteal Thrower Herron
Ikem Ajaelo
Benjamin Haruna
Ted Morse
George Ayittey
Patricia Malberg
Crystal Olson
Sharon Alexander
Charles DeBose
Rudy N. Pearson
Sylvester Bowie
Mark Evans
Delphin Kyubwa
Mercy Wanjiru
Adrienne Thompson
Chaunce Ridley
Paul Gbodi
Kebede Gashaw
Otuko John-Teye
Lila Jaocbs
Patrick Cannon
Beatrice Russell
Jean- Pierre Bayard
Elizabeth Mukibi
Lisa William-White
Jessie Gaston
Akili Hamid Khalfani
Faye Kennedy
Carmela Ruby
Phil Nelson
Talibah Sunboothe
Ralph Laurie
George and Wanda Pope
Thomas Erwin
Monica Crooks
Nan Shuker
Robert Ullrey
Thelma Johnson
Leon Lefson
Samuel Smalls
Phyllis Williamson
Daniel Sullivan
Murray Work
Lewis Robinson
Marcia & Rick Sydor
Michelle Isonio
Lauren Hammond
Musetsi Mohapeloa
Maggie Beddow
Alfred Walker
Lynn Cooper
Jackie Morris
Berhanu Zergaw
Don John Omale
Boatamo Mosupyoe
Gloria Dea Abernethy
Adekola Yinusa Adekunle
Ellen M. Taylor