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Circular Economy Innovation Competition

Title for Circular Economy Innovation Competition

About The Circular Economy Innovation Competition

The Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA) is powering the Circular Economy Innovation Competition for its second year. The competition invites innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs to turn waste into repurposed value. WPWMA is on a mission to find innovators and entrepreneurs that can find a way to utilize recoverable waste products in their waste streams that are otherwise going un-utilized (ending up in the landfill).

Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their ideas/innovations, receive mentorship to bring their visions to life and compete for cash and in-kind awards.

We are seeking innovations that utilize utilize recoverable waste products in WPWMA's waste streams that are otherwise going un-utilized (ending up in the landfill).

Specifically, we are seeking innovations that allow WPWMA to:

  • Maximize recovery of materials, avoiding increases in landfill disposals
  • Reducing costs (transportation, energy usage, etc.)
  • Enhancing revenues
  • Creating consistency (decreasing volatility of international markets)

Information Session for WPWMA Circular Economy Innovation Competition

In case you missed it, below is a link to an information session on the Western Placer Waste Management Authority: Circular Economy Innovation Competition – an opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations, technologies, and businesses while receiving mentorship, and the opportunity to win prize money and in-kind services.

In this session, you can learn more about the origin of the competition as well as the timeline, from applications to the actual pitch event.

RECORDING of Information Session

Title for Information Session

2023 Winner

Congratulations to AgGen (Amir Salehzadeh and Rosh Ho) for taking home the 1st place - $20,000 prize at our Inaugural Circular Economy Innovation Competition powered by Western Placer Waste Management Authority!

Photo of winners with big check

2023 Finalists

  • AgGen - Amir Salehzadeh and Rosh Ho
  • Ouros Industries - Jae Allen
  • Upcycle Food Waste - Stephen Weststeyn
  • WasteKnot - Morgan Murphey

2023 Judges

Thank you to our great judges: Nikki Sims, Scott Alvord, Cheryl Beninga, Ryan Todd, and Bill Halldin for your thoughtful questions and deliberations!

About The Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA)

The Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA)s mission is to create solutions and transform waste into a resource for a sustainable environment and prosperous economy. The WPWMA’s communities use a mixed waste approach to recycling – where residents and businesses toss all waste in a single bin that is sorted for recyclable and compostable materials for them at the WPWMA’s Materials Recovery Facility. As recycling markets can be volatile and demands for non-traditional recyclable materials arise, the WPWMA has been able to quickly adapt – “mining” through the entire waste stream for valuable commodities and items that many may not assume are “recyclable.”

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