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Global Entrepreneurship Week The Carlsen Center

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Monday, November 13th

FourthWave - Changemakers: The Power of Authentic Leadership

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023, powered by Western Health Advantage, we are excited to bring to you a discussion led by FourthWave about Changemakers: The Power of Authentic Leadership.

The event features the stories of three women innovators and how they each are changing the world as they change within. They share one key attribute: in navigating their own personal growth, they learned (and are still learning!) to lead authentically, and in doing so, stepped into their superpowers. You will hear from a new breed of women entrepreneurs and business leaders who are showing up with authenticity to create a brighter future. These changemakers exude an abundance mindset and embrace disruption as a catalyst for growth.

Our Panel:

  • Lisa Wrightsman: Managing Director at Street Soccer USA
  • Maria Baptista Soria: VP - Director of Community Relations at Five Star Bank
  • Christy Serrato: CEO & Founder of Pair Anything, Inc. and Entrepreneur in Residence at FourthWave

If any special accommodations are needed please let us know at least two weeks in advance to secure the needed accommodations.

FourthWave: FourthWave is committed to changing the narrative around gender equity, and we believe a core part of the story is seen through an economic lens. We know that investing in women is one of the most effective ways to reduce inequality and increase economic growth. This is a paradigm that has proven to be true internationally, in economies of every scale.

Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship: We serve as a regional hub and platform for providing approachable and accessible entrepreneurial education, community, and support to enable startup founders of all backgrounds to explore and launch their businesses.

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Social Impact and Innovation

Join us for GEW: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a thrilling event that brings together passionate individuals interested in making a positive impact on society through innovative ideas and entrepreneurial ventures.

The event is brought to you in partnership with the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies at Sacramento State.

During this event, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from experienced entrepreneurs, and gain valuable insights into the world of social innovation. Whether you have a business idea you're looking to develop or simply want to learn more about this exciting field, this event is for you.

  • Rachel Minnick - Chief Collaboration Officer at Pro Youth and Families
  • Cameron Law - Executive Director of the Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to making a difference. Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable event that will ignite your entrepreneurial spirit!

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Sacramento Entrepreneurial State of the Union - 5th Annual

During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023, presented by Western Health Advantage, we are excited to bring to you a Sacramento Entrepreneurial State of the Union discussing our region's innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem! This event is set to launch us into a full week of events, workshops, and pitch competitions.

This signature event will highlight the region's growing innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem and will address how the Sacramento Entrepreneurial Growth Alliance is fostering an increase in connectivity in the Greater Sacramento region with an intentionality to grow entrepreneurship as economic development and expanding the investment landscape.

The Sacramento Entrepreneurial State of the Union will feature a variety of discussions ranging from how we plan to grow our region from within and the role growing our regional capital base plays in doing so.


  • Networking
  • SEGA Overview
  • Entrepreneurship as Economic Development
  • Investment Landscape

Our Speakers:

SEGA Overview Panel:

Entrepreneurship as Economic Development Panel:

  • Cameron Law - Executive Director of Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (moderator)
  • John Selep - Co-Founder and Board Chair of AgStart
  • Troels Adrian - Executive Vice President of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council
  • Evan Schmidt - CEO of Valley Vision
  • Orville Thomas - CEO of the California Mobility Center
  • Clair Whitmer - Assistant Deputy Director, Regional Economic Engagement and NorCal Regional Advisor of the California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA)

Investment Landscape Panel:

GEW 2023 State of the Union title

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