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Social Innovation Workshop Series


A four-part workshop series aimed at providing an innovation mindset, framework, and toolkit for civic and social innovators

The Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship is excited to partner with the College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State to deliver a four-part workshop series aimed at providing an innovation mindset, framework, and toolkit for civic and social innovators.

The purpose of the Social Innovation Workshop Series is to provide civic and social innovators with proven and repeatable tools and methods for generating tangible ideas to solve social challenges. The resulting ideas generated from the series will support the Greater Sacramento Region in solving some of its key issue areas. In addition, the series will empower civic and social innovators to bring new ideas to the floor and build a culture of innovation.

Session 1 - Defining the Problem & Opportunity

This introductory session will expose participants to the different types of social innovation and explore problem areas ripe for innovation. The concepts of design thinking and mission-based value proposition will be introduced and explored as a tool for change. In addition, participants will work together to identify an area for focus throughout the 4 course series.

Session 2 - Idea Generation

This workshop will be administered by Subject Matter Experts that will help guide participants through the process of gathering requirements and design ideas. Participants will explore divergent brainstorming, reverse assumptions and innovation games to help identify multiple solutions and generate creative ideas. This course will also help participants understand the ecosystem stakeholders, their roles, and how to collaborate on the social need.

Session 3 - Piloting & Prototyping

This workshop will help participants refine ideas and potential solutions presented in a draft business model using the Mission Model Canvas. Participants will examine the solutions to test for feasibility and viability for building. The workshop will also go over testing and prototyping experiments where participants can learn best practices that can validate assumptions around the solution.

Session 4 - Diffusion & Scaling

This workshop will explore the issues with scaling a social innovation. Participants will discuss implementation, management, and the impact measurement of the solution presented in previous workshops. The participants will also examine the macroeconomic factors that could affect the chosen solution.


Jessie Becker Alexander

Jessie Becker AlexanderEntrepreneur-in-Residence at the Carlsen Center

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Brian Gladden

Brian GladdenEntrepreneur-in-Residence at the Carlsen Center

CEO Strategy & Innovation Institute

Brian Gladden on LinkedIn