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Counseling Services

What type of counseling is available?

  • Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling: Counseling for children, families, couples, and individuals. Can help with personal problems (i.e. anxiety, depression, stress, etc.).
  • Career Counseling: Counseling for adults only. Specializes in career option outlook, and can also help with personal problems related to the workplace.
  • Rehabilitation Counseling: Specializes in clients who may or may not have a disability, and who need assistance re-entering the work force and job options. Can also help with personal problems.

How much does counseling cost and how many sessions?

Counseling is $100.00 (approximately 7 dollars a session) for 14 sessions. Clients may pay half of the amount due at the start of counseling and the remaining balance halfway through their sessions.

If I started counseling at the beginning of the semester, do I still need to pay the full amount?

If a client begins counseling at any other point in the semester, sessions will be pro-rated.

Will I receive a diagnosis or a prescription?

No medical diagnoses or prescriptions will be given to clients.

Who conducts the counseling?

Counseling is provided by a graduate student earning a Master’s in Education (Counseling). Students are supervised by a licensed faculty member.

Do you have emergency services available?

There are no emergency services or emergency counseling services available. The graduate-student counselors are at the center during their scheduled class time, and as students are in training, the center is not equipped to provide intensive psychiatric services. If you are experiencing an emergency please call 911.

Can I receive counseling if I am a student at CSU Sacramento?

Students are welcome to come to the Center for counseling services, but students have free access to the Student Health & Counseling Services located at the WELL. Further information about the WELL’s services can be found here:

What public transportation is available near CSU Sacramento?

The Sac Regional 30 Bus Line can drop you off on campus. The Gold Line for the Light Rail can drop you off at the 65th and Folsom Station.